I am real

Edit for Shab: I’m the real TomY

It’s me TomY


It’s been a long time.

Whilst being bored in my Summer Holiday, I was glancing around some stuff I used to do when I was younger and visited the site:

Well, I haven’t posted on here for nearly a year, it seems strange that I do post again, but events that have been out of my control have taken over.

I’m going to explain a few personal things first, things that I may have left a lot of people clueless about when I ”dissappeared”, and then I’ll explain what’s happening. Please bear in mind I have not been around for a year.

I’ve been away from my website, ACP and Club Penguin altogether for just about a year. This is mainly due to exams and not enjoying Club Penguin so much anymore. I am glad I have not been active. I was 18 on the 4th of July and have just about left high school. My hard work at school has proven to be in my favour, I’ve been accepted for Harvard Business School , which I will start sometime next year and has made me extremely happy. I have no intention of coming back to Club Penguin. Well at least not on a full time basis, mainly because I would probably be ridiculed on chat for my age and branded a pedophile by the n00bs that live there. Also because Club Penguin doesn’t do much for me.

To site business – I entrusted this website to Cas, Head and Rap. It seems to me that Head has finally retired. Rap has mysteriously been taken off this website (presumably by Cas) and Cas is still on the website. From the drafting of the pages and posts and the Cas Corp header, it seems to me like Cas has been abusing his duties. Cas also made a post saying he was going to delete my website, this is totally irresponsible, even if he did just post it for attention. Cas is removed as Administrator because I trusted him and he abused my trust. He isn’t going to be admined again EVER.

The posts and pages will be re-posted for everyone to see, anyone who wants to use them is very welcome to do so, I would ask that you mention that it is TomY Central that produced the work. Apart from that, I don’t see myself doing very much else with this website, only to thank the loyal viewers who have stayed loyal to this website, throughout the good and the bad times. Unfortunately I cannot access my Tom Yellow Penguin because I forgot my password and the email account I used to create it was hacked and deleted by some of my old crossfire friends.

I considered coming back onto chat for you all to speak to me again, but as I stated above. I would be branded a pedophile and abused. However if there is a mass demand for me to come onto chat Hehe I will maybe come on. In the meantime if anyone wants to contact me, I will check the site out once weekly for the next 2-3 weeks, leave a comment on this post.

Probably for the last time,


It’s over

I’ve had enough of you idiots, I’m going to delete the site. Shab has archived most of the stuff.


New Management

Edit: All the pages on the site have been drafted, I am planning on deleting the widgets and drafting all the posts, then I will make a post on the future of  TMYC. – Administrator


Hello Readers,

Just a quick note to thank everyone who has loyally stuck by this website through thick and thin, it is such a sad shame to see a great blog go to waste, but alas TomY is not coming back so he entrusted the site to Head and I. This site will NOT be used for Club Penguin Cheats and Tips anymore, I will decide soon what I would like to be done with it.

In the meantime I would like to stress that this site is a very historically valuable to Club Penguin, therefore for security reasons no one will be added to the site without permission of Myself or another Administrator.

If anyone has ideas of what I can do with the site, please leave a comment.







I came by to check up on the website and I was wondering if I could be an editor to maintain the website?

Sincerely, your friend Rap.

Yellowguy’s Superb Weekends: Part 1

Hae weirdos. I paid TomY like 400 bucks to have this section back,

Kudos to the guy who answers this correctly.

New CP Wallpaper hidden puffle

Look at the puffle above the pink puffle. No, it’s not a black puffle, he is at the igloo. And all the other puffles are in different places, so it has to be a new puffle.

And there is something pretty interesting in the new puffle catalog, if you click the flower in the green house (not greenhouse, green house)

New Paint by Letters book cheats

I didn’t expect for this to come today, but it’s here. Here is the cheats for the new book.

Page 1: Click the broom, then literally clean the sky and the mountains, then you’ll find the hidden coin. To find this cheat, you need to choose the word “CLEANEST”


Page 2: Click the container. Under the container, the second coin is hidden.
To find this cheat, you need to choose the word “THE SEA”


Page 3: Move the paint blob by everywhere, until it turns in the hidden coin.


Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Club Penguin Sports Catalog Cheats

Prepare your coins, the new sport items are released.