Owner, Tom Yellow

I made a blog for the people that need help in Club Penguin. I joined on October 13, 2006. My first ever item was the eyepatch during the first arrival of Rockhopper.

My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/tomyellowpenguin

My Blog (although you are already here): https://tomyellowcentral.wordpress.com/

My Club Penguin Forums Account: http://penguinforum.miniclip.com/ 

You can meet me on Club Penguin on frozen (on mammoth on ACP’s meetings and wind chill in SCP’s meetings) between 3 PM to 9 PM penguin standard time.

-Tom Yellow


Not a Hack Site…

This is not a hack website, this only contains glitches, tips for games and what’s new on Club Penguin. Any content of hacking is not allowed in the site. This is your last warning.

-The new year is coming and Club Penguin maybe will make a new year party!.

P.S: I’m not mad, it’s only a rule of the site!.

-Tom Yellow

Case of the Missing Puffles

-Just follow the instructions of the mission, you will have a letter from Aunt Arctic and a medal for find the puffles 🙂 

ps: I added the video after that this post was made.

Tip the Iceberg FALSE

This famous rumor is completely false. It’s impossible to tip an iceberg, just look it, it’s completely very hard to destroy this room. So stop making this rumor even more true!.

-Tom yellow

Secret Agent Answers

Items in bold are the answers.

pick a qualitiy that you think that should have a secret agent honest

pick the correct reason to report a player to a moderator being rude or mean

what would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules? report them

which type of information should be reported? saying your address

why you want to be a secret agent i want to keep club penguin safe

another reason why you want to be a secret agent i want to help other penguins

with these answers, you’ll be a secret agent with the spy phone!
thanks to JOSH N2, my other account to club penguin.

-Tom Yellow


Club Penguin Team

Well, some members say that are moderators (really they are not the moderators), here is the true list of the Club Penguin Team, or the CP’s Moderators.

1 rsnail
2 Billybob
3 Gizmo
4 Screenhog
5 Happy77

If you find them in a Club Penguin server, be their buddy!. They are the most famous penguins!. They obviously will say Yes.

-Tom Yellow


This is a new trick on Club Penguin, just follow these simple steps:

Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf to make the glitch. Press F11, it will make full screen, press the place under the chatbar, press F11 and you’re nubbing. Dance, wave and talk, BUT NOT WALK. This is a cool trick. Here is a pic:


-Tom Yellow