Storm and Summer Party II!

The storm is coming to CP, I created other post about the storm, but now I give you more information. The storm is making troubles in the game “Catchin’ Waves”. There is a page of the newspaper involving complete information of the Big Storm.

More things about the storm posted in my site!


-Tom Yellow-


Code: 757


poll and big storm!

this is a new update made in the polls!

Also a big storm is coming to CP. The storm will make troubles to Club Penguin this friday! 😦

-Tom Yellow-


Code: 703

Password Box

If you don’t want your penguin anymore, leave it in this page.

P.S: The penguins must be real. If you add a penguin with a false password, it will count as spam.

P.S.S: I’m not responsible with the permabanned penguins.

Your questions, my answers

Do you want to ask me something?

Send a comment with a question, and I will edit adding the answer!

-Tom Yellow

new rank

the newest rank of the SCP is here:

1. simpsons house

2. springfield elementary school

3. krusty the clown show (member only)

4. moe’s tavern


Hope you join now!

-tom yellow

Join to the SCP

Just go directly to the page “Join to the SCP” or this link:

Joining in this page you will be officially part of the SCP. Joining in another pages not related with SCP, you are not even an active member of the club.

D’oh On!

-Tom Yellow

CPST meetings

-friday at wind chill, uk, on the dojo.

5 pm (pst)

8 pm (eastern)

7 pm (central)

6 pm (mountain)


-saturday at wind chill, uk, on the dojo.

6 pm (pst)

9 pm (eastern)

8 pm (central)

7 pm (mountain)