Tom’s Cold Adventures!


1. About the Show

2. Characters

3. Episodes

1. About the Show

This show is about a kid named Tom, which has too many adventures with his friends and wierd characters that appear. In this show, many funny and stupid things happens in Club Penguin. The show began filming in September 25, 2007 and premiering the first episode on September 27, 2007.

2. Characters

Tom: The main character. He is a really funny and a bit of naughty penguin that always gets in trouble.

The Criminal: A very evil penguin criminal that escaped from jail. He tries to destroy Club Penguin in “The Lollypop” and he will come back in a future episode.

The Dance Witch: A witch that knows every dance in Club Penguin. The witch makes that Tom pays 100.000 coins (that doesn’t appear in the episode) and the witch ends getting trapped to Tom.

Gift Shop Cashier: An average cashier. He appears on “An impossible dance”. He will appear on a future episode.

AGENT 000: He is the secret agent that helps Tom in a secret mission to Rockhopper island. He appears on “James Yellow”, the show’s movie. He ends searching the mistoken agent and he leaves Tom in horrible trouble.

James Peng (the real one): He is the true secret agent. He was confused with Tom in the episode “James Yellow”.

Mike: Tom’s friend. He appears in “James Yellow”.

Tom’s Lost Father: He is the lost father of Tom Yellow. Tom doesn’t believes him because his father has not bad grammar and he says “Fatheu”. He will appear in a future episode.

Jimmy the Picture in the Wall: It is the Tom’s friend. He is a picture, but he can’t talk.

Little Blizzard: The main villain in Tom’s Spooky Adventures. He is a zombie that died in a bomb in a house where he entered. Tomyellow was the real penguin that killed him. He believes it was Tom Yellow, but Tom reveals the truth.

Penguin Kids: They are waiting for the Halloween night. Tom tells a story about Little Blizzard. They get scared.

Waldo: Tom’s new puffle. It will appear in a future episode.

3. Episodes

Tom’s Cold Adventures 1
Episode Name: The Lollypop
Premiere Date: September 27, 2007
Tom must to find the lollypop, the last item he needs in the fall fair. But the obstacles that appear and his extreme childish mind will make that it ends being an impossible mission.
Video (FREE!):

Tom’s Cold Adventures 2
Episode Name: An Impossible Dance
Premiere Date: September 28, 2007
Tom wants to make a video where it gives proofs that tip the iceberg is impossible. But he forgets how to drill. He believes that the helmet does not work anymore and he changes it, but as it can’t work yet, he goes with the dance witch.
Video (FREE!):

Tom’s Cold Adventures: The Movie
Episode Name: James Yellow, Agent
Premiere Date: September 29, 2007
Tom has to go with a costume to Mike’s party, but an agent says Tom that he goes in a secret mission with the name “James Peng”. He has to search the cure to a sickness in Rockhopper Island. But the agent finds out that he found the mistoken James Peng. Can Tom come back to Club Penguin?
Video (FREE!):

Tom’s Spooky Adventures 1
Episode Name: Yellow Ghost’s Ghost
Premiere Date: October 29, 2007
Tom watches a movie in the new theater, but he didn’t liked the movie. Then he decides to make the things he always make in Halloween: scare everyone. But he finds out that he lost his power of scare everyone. Until he found something…
Video (FREE!):

Tom’s Spooky Adventures 2
Episode Name: Let’s Gather and Scream!
Premiere Date: October 30, 2007
Tom makes a horrible plan to scare them everyone. He creates a very scary story and he goes and tells a story to the kids in the Cove. The story is about Little Blizzard and how he died in a bomb in a house. They end scared, although Tom gets lost in a forest in the scary wilderness of Club Penguin. But when he gets out of the forest, he was followed by Little Blizzard’s zombie!
Video (FREE!):

Tom’s Spooky Adventures 3
Episode Name: Scaredy-Peng
Premiere Date: November 3, 2007
Tom makes a plan to make a blackout in the night club, where everyone is celebrating a party, but he ends trapped with Little Blizzard. Then, he converts Tom in a newb, and Tom loses every item he had before. Then, Tom has to live as a newb forever. Until he found Little Blizzard and his old body. And then he goes and tries to win his penguin body again.

Tom’s Spooky Adventures 4
Episode Name: Are Ya Afraid of Dark Blizzard?
Premiere Date: November 3, 2007

Upcoming episodes:
Tom’s Cold Adventures 3: Future Freeze
Tom’s Cold Adventures 4: The Evil N00b
Tom’s Cold Adventures 5: Penguin Idol
Tom’s Cold Adventures 6: Where’s Waldo
Tom’s Cold Christmas 1: Everything by the Tree
Tom’s Cold Christmas 2: Forever Santa
Tom’s Cold Adventures 7: Another Rockhopper to the list!

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