SCP Ranks

Here is each rank with their clothing:
——-Everything in bold will be the clothing for the nonmembers———

Simpsons House
Snowflake T-Shirt or Lighthouse Shirt
-Black Sneakers, Ice Skates or Pirate Boots
-Gold Watch, Silver Watch or Friendship Bracelet
-Newspaper Hat, Party Hat or Sailor Hat

Springfield Elementary School
-Red Cap, Blue Cap, Pink Cap, Green Cap or Pirate Bandanna
-Red Shirt, Blue Shirt or Snowflake T-Shirt
Ice Skates
-Sunglasses or Eyepatch

Moe’s Tavern
-Bow Tie or Whistle
-Pizza Apron or Coffee Apron
-Russian Hat or Blue Propeller Hat
-Black Sneakers or Pirate Boots

Hope this helps in ranks!

-Tom Yellow


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