Famous Penguins

They are penguins that are very famous along the members and are hard to find.

Rockhopper (Exists?: YES!)
One of the most famous penguins in Club Penguin. He goes to Club Penguin each month (sometimes each 2 months), he always gives a free item. His ship is The Migrator. He usually is in populated servers and in rooms such like the Dock, the Town, the Night Club, his Ship “THE MIGRATOR” and the Iceberg.

Aunt Arctic (Exists: No?)
She is the writer of her own column “Ask Aunt Arctic” where u can ask her things about club penguin. She almost never is seen in Club Penguin. There is a rumor that somebody saw Aunt Arctic. Many penguins use a costume like the Aunt Arctic one:
-Green Penguin
-Flower Hat



I found Rockhopper, on North Pole, Canada!.

He gives you a rockhopper background signed by the Captain Rockhopper.

Good luck looking him!. He is habitually in high populated servers, such like Yeti, Blizzard, Mammoth, North Pole and in places such like his ship, the town, the iceberg or the beach.

Rockhopper’s Back!

There’s 4 new items, which 2 are free!

There’s an avalanche in the mountains, this can be seen in the ski village, iceberg and the mine shack!

It seems that the avalanche will be plot of the new mission!

Tom Yellow

Rockhopper is coming back!

Rockhopper’s ship, the migrator, is coming to Club Penguin again, giving posibilities that Rockhopper is coming back for July-August.

i’m now a non-member 😦 , so i am now in Wind Chill or any UK server

new water wings

there is a new item, which become a new item of the uniform of CPST, the new water wings

it is in the plaza. the only difference is that these are blue and the 2006 water wings are yellow

new cart surfer trick

the mine is open again, and now there’s a new trick in the cart surfer game. it’s very funny! lol

Water Party!

the water party has begun today, july 13.

the undeground pool is now closed. 😦

the mine is closed, now we can’t play cart surfer! 😦

the iceberg has a whale!

NOW we throw water ballons!

in the beach, there is a burger shop!

there is a free item, the umbrella hat!

and the most funny thing, the ice rink is a pool!