The newspaper was out from yesterday. It was quite weird and funny. 🙂

The new updates that appear are the new wakeboards for the ballistic biscuit game. Woo Hoo! 😀



Also, Aunt Arctic talks about the first time Rockhopper came (I know about that because the rockhopper’s first arrival was the day I joined club penguin). The free item was the eyepatch. The member items were an Admiral Hat and a Safari Hat.


Talking of Newspapers… DON’T LOSE MIKE’S NEWSPAPER ISSUE #6 on September 2, 2007!

-Tom Yellow




What a good back to school that the official beta version of PenguinAcres!

The official opening of the game will be this Friday August 31 at:

8 PM (Eastern time)

7 PM (Central Time)

6 PM (Mountain Time)

5 PM (Pacific Time)

5 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

The game will be officially launched with his beta version!. Here it is the website of the game:


This is everything by today!

-Tom Yellow

What’s Up with these guys?

These members were on Frozen almost an entire day making things such like hacking and going to places where you can’t enter.


Can you somebody say me who the heck is Grandpabobjr?


That member and other members have been ruining the lifes of us (the penguins) by several days. I try to report them, nothing happens. Another penguin named Im a Chatbar (yeah, Im a chatbar) was next to the chatbar BUT IN THE ICEBERG. Weird, huh?


The famous Grandpabobjr was found now moonwalking. The funiest part is that each member of these hackers use the same outfit (tour hat, water wings, parrot, eyepatch).


-Tom Yellow

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New on PenguinAcres

There is 5 different colours for the penguins, you must to choose between these colours.

Choose between Black, Yellow, Pink, Dark Blue or Green Penguin.


Be the new member of the coolest

forum ever!.


-Tom Yellow

No Emotes

During this week, the emotes can’t be seen.

See this:

From Club Penguin Forums

There is not emote. I believe that this happens because the camp penguin.

-Tom Yellow

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Camp Penguin aka Camping Party

Ok, I am back with many updates.

The camp penguin has begun in club penguin on friday. But with some “not so cool” updates.

-The cove has a waterfall and a river.

-The pizza parlor was changed completely in a mess hall.

-The free item (marshmallow on a stick) was on the cove.

-The dock was changed in a picnic place.

-The beach has a campfire, where we made the campfire party.


This is everything in the camping party!.

It was a bit boring but cool anyways.

-Tom Yellow

Site Upgrade

I’ll make the biggest upgrade ever of the blog.

I’ll move every posts in my very old blog to this one. This will be this blog even bigger than now. This will be not a easy job, I was posting on my old blog since December 2006. So I’ll be offline by a few days, they are more than 40 posts. This is everything by now. Mikepain911 will be in charge until I end my job on monday.

Penguinacres will be available tonight. This will be the last post until the monday.

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-Tom Yellow