Mission 4 Tutorial


Thanks to Penguinwonder for this tutorial!

Step 1: Talk to G, and get him to open the gadget room.
Step 2: Once in the gadget room, grab the life preserver for your inventory. Play with the gadgets if you’d like.
Step 3: Head to the ski lodge. Go towards the ‘gone fishing’ door, and pick up the fishing rod. Drag it into your invetory.
Step 4: Head into the lighthouse. Look by the end of the stage for a rope. Drag IT into your inventory. Next, put the life preserver, fishing rod, and rope into 1 inventory slot.
Step 5: Head into the sport shop. Go toward the back of the shop, and click on the lime green penguin statue. A belt will come off. Put this into your inventory.
Step 6: Go to the ski village. Click on the ski lift, and drag the belt in your inventory towards the zoomed in ski lift. It is now fixed. Oh, pick up the fibers under the ski lift.
Step 7: Go to the lighthouse beacon. Use the wrench to unscrew the telescope. Go to the sport shop, second story (G’s Room) and place the telescope on the tripod by the window. Remember the path, you’ll need it.
Step 8: Head to the mountain. You will have to click on the ridge run trail. There is a little path you must follow. It’s the one you saw in the telescope.
Step 9: After you get to the end, where the inner tubes lay, bring out the life preserver/fishing rod/rope. Click it over towards the little hole at the end of the path.
Step 10: You must move the preserver to grab penguin 1. The it will be heaver, it will head down to penguin 2. Then try to level it down, past the tree, to the third penguin. Drop all 3 pengs at in front of the big rock on the left. They will push it off, bouncing the 4th penguin up. Grab the first 3 penguins, and it will lower down to penguin 4! You have them all!
Step 11: At the mountain, talk to G. Give him the fibers. After that, you win! Oh yeah, the third item you get, a letter, is readable ONCE, then it self destructs.




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