Perma-Banned from the CP Forums!!! Something very sad.

Really very sad to say this, but I was perma-banned by a big mistake. I was accused to be underaged (which i am not), now, for fault of everything this, I was perma-banned from the CP Forums, one of my favorite places. Now, I’m saying some things to my friends and the moderators (including the new mods):

Shawn Michaels: You were a real friend. You helped me when I made my first club and we meet in some places in Club Penguin. Really, thanks!.

Mikepain911: Well, you are the first member to know this, because you are an admin of the blog. You helped me in many occasions, you were in my movie “The Big Storm”, ok, for each one of these reasons, u are an admin of the blog. Thanks, mike! PS: Cool Newspaper you made!. PSS: Thanks for add the blog in your siggy. Really thanks!

Zeldarpwner: We are good friends too. You helped me in some occasions, we made the first video of our new series “Penguin’s Short Shorts”, even available in Youtube. We meet in Club penguin many times!. Thanks, friend. PS: Thanks for your help in the shows and your idea about the outfit of one of the characters was really cool!.

Spartan4424: Really good helper, we meet in Club Penguin the first filmation of the big storm!

Jayson23: Maybe other of my big friends, but now perma-banned too from the forums, and very thanks for your big help in the movie.

Oagalthorp: Good Leader!. Good Leader!. Really good ACP leader!. You made the best army ever in Club Penguin, which might to know everyone. acp, acp, acp, acp (70 years later, a 84 years old Tom Yellow) acp, acp, acp!

Pink Mafias: I never would to meet you, although your site is cool and you’re a good leader, anyway. Even, AngelG8i and Abercrombi28 made a good job for UMA.

RFS: Good job in the forums. I’m not mad because you perma-banned me, only that it was a mistake. I’m not underaged. Repeat, I’M NOT UNDERAGED!. PS: I’m not mad. PSS: Your account is radiofsftwr?.

Funnyboy: You helped me in some occasions. You said me what I might not to make, with two infractions that helped me in the future.

TnT: Congratulations, friend!. You are a mod and I’m glad for that. You helped so many in the forums and you were rewarded with that. Really great job!

Pitty: Same that TnT. Great job for your help to another members and now you’re a mod!. Contragulations!.

Spem: I’m happy that you are again a mod. Why did you leave your mod job?. Anyway, you helped many penguins to stay as a normal member.

Rockhopper: I met 4 times in my life. And you answered something mine once. tom: hi, rockhopper: hi, that was funny. Ok, until tomorrow, Rockhopper!

Billy14: I know that you are a new member, following the steps of Spem and Pitty, so good luck trying to be a new mod!. I believe that you will make a great job. Good bye.


Until Soon, friends!

-Tom Yellow


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