Penguin Acres: Grand Opening!


Ok, Penguinacres is almost ready!. Penguinacres is a new game, type forum, for the members that loves Club Penguin. The beta opening will be at the end of August (funnily, Club Penguin opened a beta version on August too), with a big party!. I already made 20 items, which are these:
-Beta Crown, Red Shirt, Blue Shirt, Black Hoody, Purple Hoody, Pink Hoody, Ninja Mask, Ninja Clothes, USA Flag, PAB Hat, PAB T-Shirt, Black Sunglasses, Red Guitar, Black Guitar, Hockey Stick and Red Pirate Bandanna.
-Black Penguin, Yellow Penguin, Dark Blue Penguin and Red Penguin.


What is PAB?
PAB stands for Penguin Acres Beachers, it’s an association of penguins in the beach of PenguinAcres. Each item containing the PAB symbol, will be part of a PAB uniform. In the official opening day, they will be chosen 10 members to stay in the PAB, that means that they will have the privilegy as “moderators” of the game-forum.

The Beta Crown will comeback?
No. It will be purchased during August and leaves Penguin Acres when the game-forum will make the opening. This is the only item that does not come back to the clothes catalog.

Do I have a igloo?
For now, No. But I believe that the igloos will be released on December 2007-January 2008.

Can I buy puffles?
The puffles will come in a few months. Only 2 colours will be available.

Is the game having ninjas?
Yes!. The ninjas will come back in this game-forum. The clothing will be a common clothing of the catalog.

Can I buy furniture?
Well, it’s funny, but without igloos, there is not furniture. Really, furniture never will come to Penguin Acres. Sorry.

Are there a website?
Yes. There is a website, here is:
Here will be news about the game, including the official beta mode.


3 Responses

  1. thank u so much

  2. Waiting the opening

  3. how do you play????:)

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