The penguinacres beta version will be available on this friday. I’ll be busy during that time, because this is a hard job. I make this for fun.

Check our site:

-Tom Yellow


2 Responses

  1. how do u make a penguin in penguin acres?

  2. its a really hard thing, for me because I need to add you to a list and send you an email with a secret password of the game.

    1. you enter to the “join here” page, on the penguinacres new website (which will be launched tomorrow).

    2. add a comment in that page, add the name that you want and why do you want to be in the game. ADD YOUR E-MAIL PLEASE, IT’S IMPORTANT.

    3. send the comment, i’ll see the comment and i will give you a e-mail.

    4. the e-mail will contain:
    (your username)
    (password to the penguin acres game)

    5. add the password I’ll give you in the e-mail, you are already inside penguin acres. you now can buy items (lots of pages will have the game).

    6. to activate your account, add a comment saying:

    I activated my account!
    (penguin name)


    7. In some occasions, if you want to buy a item, add this comment:

    I will buy the item!
    (your penguin name)


    -Tom Yellow

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