I am the new author!

Really good news for the blog!

I was chosen as the new author for the ACP site.

Penguinjim can’t be author because he has too much homework and he can’t post, so Oagalthorp decides to make a contest to choose the new author. I decided to join to the contest. Oagal choose me because I have good grammar and I am experienced in WordPress blogs (although the rest of the other members also are experienced). I will begin to post from tomorrow!.

I will be making new animations for the blog and animated advertisements!.


Also, a new form to decorate your penguin will be made in the new catalog. I believe that it will be new faces (sad, happy, very happy, mad) for your penguins. 🙂   😦   :O

-Tom Yellow


Tom’s Cold Adventures Movie Ready!

This time, Tom becomes a secret agent to find the cure of an annoying sickness in Rockhopper Island.

Maybe tomorrow, there will be a new and really funny episode. Tom finds with a foreign penguin from Antartic, Australia, that imitates every penguin he finds.

-Xtremebilly will be the foreign penguin.

-This can be premiered tomorrow in Youtube.


New Editor Contest: You even can enter to the new editor contest!. Just look the post below and follow the instructions! 🙂

-Tom Yellow

New Editor

Ok, Xtremebilly e-mailed me that he will quit and he said that I can replace him.

I will choose a new editor for the blog, which will can write posts and write pages.


If you want to be the new editor, you need the following things:

-Have a WordPress Account: I need your e-mail to become you editor.

-Be a very active user: Post in the blog so much.

-Play Club Penguin: I can’t choose an editor that does not know what Club Penguin is. It is nonsense since this is a club penguin blog.

-No Spam: I know most of the users of WordPress, so don’t spam in the site. You will be reported directly with the WordPress staff.

-No Swear: I’m not saying that you can’t say “Jerk”, “Idiot” and the C_ _P word, but don’t use the other words (The F word, The B—h word and other). I will edit simply the posts with SWEAR!. If this continues, you simply will be kicked off the blog.

-Don’t talk bad stuff: Never talk about drugs, sexual content or other stuff. You will be kicked off automatically if you make that ONCE.


If you want to be a new editor, comment in this post or in the new page saying the following things:

-Your Penguin Name:


-Why I should pick you?:

-Why you want to be an editor?:


Advertise!: Don’t stop advertising and going to the website, please!. If you want this blog a popular place, you need to make this:

-Advertise on other CP blogs (1 to 2 times a day)

-Comment in the site

-Visit the day everyday (3 to 5 times a day)


New Episode: The new episode of Tom’s Cold Adventures is coming tonight. It is a very cool episode and hilarous episode. Here is a sneak peek:

-It’s a 2 part episode

-Tom becomes a spy

Don’t forget to watch the episode tonight (5 PM Penguin Standard Time). Maybe the second part of the episode can go a few hours later.  :O


This is everything by Now!

-Tom Yellow


I will be quitting the blog. 😦

Being in the blog was really funny and cool, but I decide to leave because I will follow with my own blog soon. I said Tom Yellow before I posted here. But don’t worry, I will be in Club Penguin in Brumby, Australia on the weekends at 5 PM. This will be the link of my future blog: http://clubpenguinxtreme.wordpress.com/

For those users that believe that i don’t helped nothing, I helped Tom from the day 1 of the blog. In November 2006, we made another blog where I helped so much.

Tom, if you want, you can choose another user to replace me. 🙂



Episode 2 Ready!

Here it is the video:

This episode was filmed today and was ended in only one hour!. To this velocity, I can make 7 episodes in a day. But for now, I will make 1/2 videos per day. Another episode will be made, but now it will be posted in the new page, “Tom’s Videos”. Each video will be added in that page.

This is everything!.

-Tom Yellow

New Pin

There is a new pin. It’s the paddleball, it is in the snow forts.

New Episode!: The episode 2 of “Tom’s Cold Aventures” is ready. It will be premiered on Youtube right today. It’s a very hilarious episode where Tom (as always) gets in trouble.

-Tom Yellow


The first video of the series is ready!. Here it is the video:

Sorry if it is not very good. It is only the first video.


New Episode!: A new episode is being made, and there is a little 2 sneak peeks of the video:

-Tom forgets how to dance with the mining helmet.

-Another room in Club Penguin will be destroyed.


-Tom Yell0w