Two Warnings…

Warning 1. 
During these days, the search of grandpabobjr in the search engine is seen many times. This is only an advise of me. DO NOT COMMENT THINGS ABOUT GRANDPABOBJR. If a comment about grandpabobjr is seen as advertising, the IP will be disabled and the comment will be deleted. And if this continues, the search engine will be removed.

Warning 2.

The problem that I’m underaged is causing me controversy. Everyone is asking idiot questions as “are you the one that was banned from the forums?”, “are you underaged?”. If this is continuing to an extreme level, I simply will make a page where it says the people that asks me and if this continues, a last danger will be made, in frozen, I will say to everyone (including forumers and mods of that forum) that I’m not underaged. Anyways, the issue 6 of Mike’s Newspaper will have a special surprise from me…

-Tom Yellow

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