Mike’s Newspaper Issue #6


The new issue of the Mikepain911’s newspaper is out!. This is, in my opinion, one of the best issues ever!. Some forumers believe that the newspaper is gone forever but NO!, the Mikepain911’s cousins were “taking over” the computer during the summer. Issue 7 will come soon!.

This issue will include:

-An interview to me (tom yellow), I will tell about the terrible and unfair moment about my permaban because I was underaged (if I sounded very rude, sorry, but it’s the truth).

-An interview to Akabob22, another forumer, telling about the removal of the numbers.

-A big tribute to the purple puffles, and their first anniversary.

-How was the camp penguin party. In Mike’s Opinion, it’s rated 7/10. In Tom’s opinion, it’s rated 5/10.

-I believe that me and Mike are thinking the same thing. In the extras and fun stuff, the main discussion is about “Grandpabobjr’s famous messages” and that needs to be stopped!.

-Do u want to know more? READ THE NEWSPAPER DUH!…..

MESSAGE: Mikepain911, please add our blog to the advertise section, please!.

-Tom Yellow


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  1. This is a great site TomY. You are very creative. You are talented.

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