Mission Tutorials

Thanks Penquinjim for the tutorials!


1. Start mission and talk to Aunt Arctic. She basically just complains a lot about her missing puffles, so you don’t have to read it.

2. Now go to the ice rink (To get there, click your spy phone in the inventory, then press Teleport or click the map in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and go all the way to the right of the ice rink, and pick up the photos on the ground.

3. Click map at upper right corner, go back to Aunt Arctic’s and give the photos to her (Click photos, then click her).
4. Go to the pet shop (Use map again to get there) and read the note all the way to the left on the dog house. Now click on “Code” at the bottom right to decode it. I’d tell you the answer, but it changes each time you do it. However, the words always go “G Has _______ _____Pairs Of Socks” so just decode the third (and fourth, if its a two-worded answer) word.

5. Go to the sport shop and tell G you want to see some “special” items. He will ask you how many socks he has and you just answer G’s question. Then he will open his secret storage. Grab the life preserver (not the grapple hook yet)

5. Go to the iceberg. Use the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg. Shoot the launcher at them. (Watch out for the wind)

6.Go back to the sports shop and get the grapple hook.

7. Go to the ski mountain and get out your spyphone. Click on the blinking spy phone red light which will open your tools, then select the wrench tool to fix the broken telescope.

8. This step is optional, you can skip it. Use the telescope to look around until you see a puffle flying around (Go left until you see a mountain, the puffle is zooming around this).

9. Go to the tallest mountain (that’s a place on the map). Use the grapple hook on the tallest mountain to get to the top.

10. After you find the puffles, the rest you can walk through yourself, talk to Aunt Arctic and you’ll complete the mission.

Comment if you have any problems or ways to make this guide run more smoothly..

Now, the second mission is MUCH harder. I will provide visuals to help you along.
1. Talk to G in the Sports Shop, and tell him that you wanna do the mission. You will receive a riddle: “to find the secret word, look near a lively game; pointing to the path with a rabbit in its name”
2. Go to Ski Mountain and look around. The answer is mogul. (Mogul is refering to bunny hill).

3. Go back to the sports shop, and talk to G again. Type in the secret word mogul. G will show you the prototype of the new sled. Bring it with you and go to the mountain.

4. A test run slope will appear. Use the sled on the test run, it will ask you if you want to test G’s sled and click yes.

5. Move your mouse to maneuver the sled, but DON’T WORRY IF YOU CRASH, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO!

6. You will awake in the wild with your sled smashed. Grab the string on ground.

7. Move right until you see the survival guide.
8. Grab the survival guide, and move forward by clicking the bush.

9. Click on the bush with the berries again. Grab 3 “o berries” from the bush (all three can fit in the same inventory slot), and move right.

10.Shake the tree in the image THREE TIMES, so a pot will fall out.

11. Grab the pot and move forward by clicking the stump.

12. You will see a bunch of puffles playing around. Click on one of them to scare them away. The black puffle will still be there. Give it an “o berry” and it will turn into a fireball. It’ll follow you.

13. Move LEFT and then forward (then click on the faraway log).
14. Grab the ski stuck in the bush.
15. Mix together the ski, the rope, and one o berry. Now you will have a fishing pole with an o berry as bait. Now move to the right and click on the faraway stump to move forward.

16.Now you are back at where the Puffles were dancing. Move forward to the place with o-berries. Move to the far left side and you’ll come to a place with a small stream, go forward to the stream.

17. Pick up the log on the right and then move to the far left afterwards, and use the fishing pole on the stream.
18. Pick up the fish you just caught. Then use the pot on the stream to get water.
19. Go all the way to the right, and go into the cave for temporary shelter.

20. Click the bush in front of the cave entrance to get it out of the way. Then click the cave entrance to go in. After you enter the cave, move to the far right.

21. Click any of the stones, they’ll become a fireplace/ring of stones. Put the log in the middle of the circle of stones. Then put the Survival guide on the log. It will act as timber to help ignite the fire.

22. Give an “o-berry” to the black puffle again, it will turn into a fireball and ignite the log.

23. Use the fish on the fire, then eat the fish (its cooked now). Boil the water (use the pot of water on the fire) and drink it (click on the boiling pot)

24. You will go to sleep and wake by some noise outside (Your puffle has left you ). Go outside and you will see an agent flying a jet pack down. He is the rescuer!

Talk to the agent, and you will be back in the sports shop. Talk to G, and you will finish the mission. You now get a medal and letter! WOOT! Any troubles you had with following the steps, please comment and tell me.
Here is a guide to Mission 3:

Start the mission. Talk to guard penguin with the sunglasses (It really doesn’t matter what option you choose). I suggest you choose the top options to get an idea of what the mission is about.

After talking to him, wait a few seconds and he will close the vault.
Then ask him to open it back up. But when he tries, it will not open because he forgot the combination. Ask him where he can find it and he will point to the door to the right of him (Door right of the vault).
Go up stairs through the door to the manager’s room.
Look under couch. Take paper clip and boot disk.
Get out from under the couch and turn on computer. Use boot disk with computer slot. Get the combination on computer. (you can play a cool game on the computer too).
Now open the vault with the combination you got (Its different each time so I can’t give you one). Once its open, walk inside the vault and click on the pile of coins on the ceiling! Then talk to the guard and tell him to stand guard.
Go to HQ using spyphone (Your spyphone should be ringing). Talk to G. Watch video on screen he is pointing to.
Talk to him (After everytime you talk to him, there will be a five second pause where he will just sit there and you can’t use your spyphone or move around. This is caused by the mission lag. Just wait the five seconds and keep talking to him) until he opens the drawer.
Click on drawer to look inside and select the Golden key on far upper left in drawer.
Go to the manager’s office (Take the door to the right of the vault). There will be two doors in the manager’s office, one leading upstairs and one leading downstairs. You need to go upstairs. But the door leading upstairs is locked. So use the key with the locked door to get to roof.
You will find a room with a superlarge-magnet (Hmm, What’s that there for?). Pick up the white fibers stuck to the ventilation air vent on the ground.
Then click on your spyphone in your inventory, then click on the ‘Tools’ option, then use the wrench with‘Powabox’.
Click on powerbox to look inside. Then put the paperclip in the powerbox and it will short-circuit the big magnet. The sign, ‘Powabox’ will crumble, leaving two letters: ‘Ow’.
Go back to the vault. The coins are now on the ground but the guard is nowhere to be seen! Click on the coins and the guard will pop out. Talk to him and tell him to stay guard.
Now go back to the HQ and talk to G. Give him the white fibers you found after he asks for them. He will ask you to fix the power-outage that occurred because you disabled the magnet. Now go to the right of G, ALL the way until you see a flashlight on a table. Pick it up. (If you’re a member and you have bought the night vision goggles, you can use them in the mission besides the flashlight)
Go to town (Use the map or the spyphone) and talk to the crying brown penguin. Now walk into the Dance Club.
The dance club is pitch black so turn on the flashlight. The far right speakerphone will have a secret entrance. Go into it.
Then keep turning left (you are in the boiler room) until you see a fusebox on the wall.
Open the fusebox and keep clicking randomly until all the bulbs are green. I would tell you the combination but the lightbulbs start out differently each mission (as does the vault combination) so just keep clicking until they’re all green! I got it in two clicks the third time I did the mission! You can also ask G to do it for you at this step, but you will not receive the letter of thanks at the end if you ask G to do it. Just keep trying, once it took me five minutes (that’s 300 seconds) to get them all green, so don’t give up after like ten seconds! Then go back and talk to G and you’ll be done
guide to mission 4:

1: Talk to G, and get him to open the gadget room.
2: Once in the gadget room, grab the life preserver for your inventory. Play with the gadgets if you’d like.
 3: Head to the ski lodge. Go towards the ‘gone fishing’ door, and pick up the fishing rod. Drag it into your invetory.
 4: Head into the lighthouse. Look by the end of the stage for a rope. Drag IT into your inventory. Next, put the life preserver, fishing rod, and rope into 1 inventory slot.
 5: Head into the sport shop. Go toward the back of the shop, and click on the lime green penguin statue. A belt will come off. Put this into your inventory.
 6: Go to the ski village. Click on the ski lift, and drag the belt in your inventory towards the zoomed in ski lift. It is now fixed. Oh, pick up the fibers under the ski lift.
 7: Go to the lighthouse beacon. Use the wrench to unscrew the telescope. Go to the sport shop, second story (G’s Room) and place the telescope on the tripod by the window. Remember the path, you’ll need it.
 8: Head to the mountain. You will have to click on the ridge run trail. There is a little path you must follow. It’s the one you saw in the telescope.
 9: After you get to the end, where the inner tubes lay, bring out the life preserver/fishing rod/rope. Click it over towards the little hole at the end of the path.
 10: You must move the preserver to grab penguin 1. The it will be heaver, it will head down to penguin 2. Then try to level it down, past the tree, to the third penguin. Drop all 3 pengs at in front of the big rock on the left. They will push it off, bouncing the 4th penguin up. Grab the first 3 penguins, and it will lower down to penguin 4! You have them all!
 11: At the mountain, talk to G. Give him the fibers. After that, you win! Oh yeah, the third item you get, a letter, is readable ONCE, then it self destructs.

-Tom Yellow


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