Penguin Acres in Downtime…

Another downtime has ended the good run in Penguin Acres. For this reason, I will make a new change that will make the game even cooler than never. Penguin Acres will have a shorter domain from now and 3 separated pages: the official one, the chat site and the game site.

This change will be experienced on this Thursday 20 at 5 PM (Penguin standard time). One of the clues that I can give you is that the domain will be and that will be the easiest domain ever ( is not the correct answer). The only message I can give you is that the domains is ready, only kept the website change.

Do you want to have a new penguin directly?. Send me a message to: including the following things:

-Penguin Name you want

-your e-mail (your e-mail or parent e-mail)

-Why you want to play Penguin Acres



Penguin Name – TomY

Your E-Mail or Parent E-Mail –

Why you want to play? – This game sounds fun!.



-Thursday 20:
Grand Re-Opening!

-Monday 28:
Back to School Party! (beta tester crown will be available)

-October 5:
Disco Party! (Penguin Acres will be decorated with 70s theme)
Dance Club Opens!

-October 8:
Sled Racing Opens! (sled race game coming in Winter)


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