Yellow Puffle REAL! And a bunch of new funny pics!

While I was looking for the forest, I saw the yellow puffle coming by the bushes of the forest!. I believed I was crazy and I take a screenshot. Really, a new puffle color is coming this friday or the next friday. The new yellow puffle comes in the bushes of the forest each 30 minutes and it comes until the ski hill each 15 minutes!. This famous rumor became true and this will come this monday (I believe).



A really big bunch of new funny pics is coming tomorrow until this friday. Maybe, the number of funny pics can come until 100 funny pics.


Really, there was a almost triple tie in some groups. But here is the results of the round 1 of the first best funny pic contest.

The eliminated of the first group is… Fort57 is a moderator. Sorry, but this funny pic gets eliminated, but Fort continues in the contest with his second funny pic.

The eliminated of the second group is… With No Emote. So far, Spongebob in Club Penguin is the first place in the first group, so the funny pic is safe.

The eliminated of the third group is… Kick me!. Really, someone voted secretly for e-mail for someone in the group, and kick me ends with no votes.

And finally, the eliminated of the fourth group is… Continue reading



Check out the TYBCA page because there is the first voting at this link.

Tom’s Cold Adventures Halloween Special-Oh!

The halloween special is almost ready!. The special is really big (30 minutes!), this special would be one of the biggest club penguin movies ever. More new episodes of Tom’s Cold Adventures coming this November! 😮

A new character appears around the special

Part 1: Yellow Ghost’s Ghost

Tom decides to try to scare some people in Halloween. But he finds out that he can’t scare anymore and he decides to see Jimmy, the picture in the wall

Part 2: Let’s Gather and Scream!

Tom invites some kids and tells a story about a kid named “Little Blizzard” that was killed in halloween. They end really scared. Tom goes for the abandoned forest to Club Penguin where almost ends lost. At the end, Little Blizzard follows Tom to Club Penguin!.

Part 3: The Scaredy-Peng!
Video Coming: October 31, 2007

Tom was banned forever!. “Little Blizzard”, the ghost of “Let’s Gather and Scream!” takes a tour to the newb Tom, but during the tour, he finds out that Little Blizzard is the ghost and he banned Tom.

Part 4: Are ya Afraid to Dark Blizzard?
Video Coming: November 1, 2007

There was a blackout in Club Penguin, just when there was 3 AM (Penguin Standard Time). Tom has to hide of the ghost of “Little Blizzard” and find his old penguin.

There will be special decorations for halloween. If you understand…

Lots of special decorations will be added everywhere!

The decorations will be here until November 1!

This is everything…by now.

-The Tom Reaper!


Hey it’s Tuxedo Mac and I started the TYBCA (Tom Yellow Blog Choice Awards) I made a page so look and join quickly. Tuxedo out

Frozen Ice

Hey it’s Tuxedo Mac and I am making a hockey team called the Frozen Ices. Here is the team position’s. 

                   Captain: (It will be the best player)
                    Center:Tuxedo Mac 
                   Left Front:Tom Yellow 
                    Right Front: Leave a comment 
                   Left Defense: Leave a comment   
                    Right Defense:Leave a comment 
                     Goaly: Leave a comment 

         The uniform is Lime green skin with the pirate bandana but the member uniform is the black hoody with the hockey stick. 

    We will have our first practice at Rocky Road Ice Rink.

                ~Tuxedo Mac~



Tuxedo Again

Hey it’s Tuxedo again I was a author but that wordpress got hacked so now I’m back with a new site alright bye. Tuxedo out

                              ~Tuxedo Mac~

New Mission

A new mission is coming in November!

*In the HQ, it says “Prepare for your next mission”.

*In the CP Blog, this says:

Hello Penguins!

As most of you know, the Halloween Party started today and it is a lot of fun!  It is neat to see what Club Penguin looks like in the dark.  My favorite part is the candy scavenger hunt, but as always, we would love to hear your favorite part so let us know!

In other news:  Secret agents should check out the HQ bulletin board and you may want to play the last few missions again to make sure you’re ready!  November is already looking like its going to be a blast!

Until then… Waddle on!

Club Penguin Team

*The new mission is coming on November. And I believe that it will be on November 16th.

This is everything!