Yellow Puffle! But it’s Members-Only.

The new yellow puffle came out!. But sadly, it is members-only ūüė¶ . A big party was made yesterday for the yellow puffle, but most of the people (again) were disappointed by this.

Yellow Puffle
Cost: 800 coins
Attitude: Artistic, spotaneous
Favorite Toys: Paintbrush, easel
Special Features: Very Creative, dreamer

Also, there is a new puffle furniture catalog.

New Items
1. Yellow Puffle Bed: 250 coins
2. Yellow House: 500 coins

Hidden Items
1. Grey House (click the NEW thing in the yellow house): 500 coins

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-If you look closely in the sidebar, there is an advertisement about a big surprise. If you follow the instructions, you will enter to a new and secret page.

-The site map will be disabled in the “About” page. This will be for the updates on the “Club Penguin Stuff” page.

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New Newspaper!

The Newspaper Issue 110 is out and here it is the main news:

-In the special section, the yellow puffles investigation ends and the puffles will be ready to adopt them tomorrow.

-They are talking about the western party and the opinions from other penguins.

-The featured game is Bean Counters.

-In the advertisement, here appears the “Coins for change” event. It will be on December 14, 2007 and there will be donation locations in some rooms.

-Aunt Arctic answers questions about the pink viking helmet, which was in the Rockhopper’s rare items and also about the “fans”¬†clapping in each sled race.

-In the tips and secrets, they talk about the secret items in the clothing catalog.

-Some jokes (to see the answers, highlight the text):
>>>What’s the smallest room in the world? The mushroom!
>>>What do trees drink? Root Beer.

-Some riddles (to see the answers, highlight the text):
>>>What comes once in a year, twice in a week, but never in a week? The letter E.
>>>What’s white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean?¬†A blackboard.

-A poem in the poems section:
I thought it was hard before,
but it’s not¬†anymore.
I didn’t want to be poet,
but it was fun¬†and I didn’t know it.
You should try it too. You’ll have fun!
I promise you!

-There is a comic in the fan comics.

Upcoming events:

November 30:
-New Pet Furniture Catalog
-Yellow Puffle added to Puffle Catalog

December 7:
-New Clothing Catalog
-New Pin Hidden

December 14:
-Coins for Change Begins
-New Furniture Catalog

December 21:
-Christmas Party Begins
-New Pin Hidden

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Coins for Change!

Coins for Change!!

In this Christmas, we will can donate our Club Penguin coins for real money for the kids that need it. This will be as the Lighthouse donations, but this time, the coins will be changed with real money.

More information on this thursday on the newspaper!

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Advertising Week

I have heard the thing about the advertising contest in the ACP Website. As it will be for a week, the rule “No Advertising Comments, except in the Advertise page” in the comments rules will be disabled for only a week, you will can advertise in this website¬†(informative and flooding). But with one condition, the flooding thing can’t reach the link 100 times.

Later of the week, the rule “No advertising”¬†will continue and your comments will be deleted if you advertise¬†from that week.

Good Luck in the Advertising contest!

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ACP’s war with Watex Warriors

Well, the ACP had hard¬†time batttling the WW’s. The Watex Warriors, had at least 10 people in each room on Tundra. The ACP, RPF, Nachos, and UMA were fighting the WW’s. The freindly war/ Watex Party, was turned into the WW’s feeling that they were the only good army on cp, and that the other armies were all evil. This wasn’t freindly from the get-go. They thought it was a serious hatred thing. So Watex really needs to get those penguins on his site and tell them whats-what with armies.


Yellow Puffle in Puffle Round-Up

Now, there is a yellow puffle in Puffle Round-Up!. This means that the yellow puffle is coming soon to the puffle catalog!

Click to see the picture of the yellow puffle in Puffle Round-Up.

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More information of the Thanksgiving and 20,000 Hits Party, click HERE

If you want to see some funny pictures, click HERE

To see information of the surprise party, click HERE

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And the winner is… WILD WEST!

The wild west is the surprise party for today. It had the most of the votes, although the sports party was better. At least, there is cool free items.

Here it is some pictures of the party (click to enlarge):

There is 2 free backgrounds in this party.

One of them is at the dock: The Western Sunset Background.

The other background is in the forest: The Stagecoach Background.

There is a free item, that is an old item: The Bandanna. It is in the plaza.

And the new pin is in the cove: it’s the Needle.

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Don’t forget to go to the party today!.

8 PM (Eastern Time)

7 PM (Central Time)

6 PM (Mountain Time)

5 PM (Pacific Time)

5 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

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