Secret Page = PROFILES!

Later of 2 long months, the secret page is about profiles of penguins who sent their profiles to me. If you have followed the instructions of the advertisement, you will can see your profile in the page.

Here is the page:

If you couldn’t send your profile, you will have the opportunity to send your profile TODAY. You must to send things about your penguin (Penguin name, Penguin age, favorite server, favorite room and other stuff) to or

Maybe, I will have my membership today. And I will stay for New Year’s eve (when it’s 12 PM). ūüėÄ

Happy New Year!




z0mg!!!!!!!!!! SECRET PAGE OPENING   


Tomorrow, I finally will open the secret page, which was secret by these 2 months in the site, except by the penguins who followed the instructions of the advertisement in the sidebar.

Sorry, I will don’t say the secret to ANYONE here. If someone asks for the secret, I will ignore the comment.

For those that are sad because they ignored the advertisement, I will give you the opportunity to…………………………………………………………. until¬†1 PM Penguin Standard Time.


I will be tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) from¬†1 PM Penguin Standard Time to 8 PM Penguin Standard Time in Frozen, UK. I¬†hope I can be a member for tomorrow, because¬†I will make a little party in my igloo.¬†I will¬†leave¬†in some moments¬†because it’s New Years Eve and I can’t stay¬†in the computer during the entire time.¬†Maybe, I will come back by the countdown at 12 AM. I will be in the Yellow Chatbox during that time.


Happy 2008!


Start Voting!

The voting in “Best of 2007” has begun!. And you can vote for your favorite army, site or penguin. You can vote for someone in every category.

Yesterday, there were tons of votes from different websites (+50 votes for now), continue voting.

P.S: Don’t vote for yourself. Your vote will be ignored and deleted. If you are the leader of your army, you can vote for your army. If you are the creator of your website, you can vote for your website.

P.S.S: Vote for me and Tuxedo Mac here:

P.S.S.S: My parents said that maybe¬†TODAY I¬†will have¬†a membership for my penguin!. YAY!¬†If I have membership, I will can make parties in my igloo with my friends and other people (like¬†before) and I finally will have the complete ACP uniform (with green letterman jacket and roman helmet).¬†ūüėÄ

This is everything…by now!


Fireworks and a New Iceberg?

Like in the last year, there were fireworks on Club Penguin. I hope there will be some special feature for new year as in the last year (you could walk on the water in the iceberg). 

Here it is the places:

→ The Mountain:

‚Üí The Iceberg:

‚Üí If you look at the telescope, there is an iceberg floating in the water. Do you believe there will be something related with that iceberg for the new year?



Current Updates

-I will be adding 5 new funny pictures.

-I am making a new section in the sidebar: The Announcements.

-Secret Page opening this tuesday (December 31st, 2007).


This is everything…by now!


Best of 2007 Website

I decided to delete the Best of 2007 page in this site and make the official site for the contest. Here is the link of the site.

You can nominate a penguin in any category, but from that website.

This is everything…by now!


CP Blog Posts

There is a new blog post in the Club Penguin Blog. Here is what it says:


Happy Holidays from Club Penguin!!

Hello Penguins!

We just wanted to wish every one a great big Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!  Thank you for making this year in Club Penguin one of the best!   We’re all looking forward to a great 2008!  You guys did great with the Coins for Change project and millions of coins were donated.  Be sure to check out the newspaper on Tuesday for the final results!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team


This is everything…by now!


2008 = New Stuff in the Site?

I decided to make a little list of surprises coming the 2008 in the blog.

  • Secret Page Opened!: The famous secret page will be opened to everyone and they will know how is this page.
  • Upcoming¬†Club: Thanks to Rapidy for the idea¬†A new club will be made in the blog about making funny stuff in Club Penguin.
  • Funny Picture of the Day: From January 1, I will give you the funny picture of the day. This funny picture will appear on a post or I will make a post for the funny pic.
  • New Social Network: I am working on my own social network. You will can post your videos, pictures, music and more!

There will be more fun and cool stuff coming the 2008!