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  • Vote for TomY’s Blog (take two)

Yesterday, I told you to vote for my blog to be in the top 50 of best blogs. Yesterday, the blog rank was 123 and thanks to your votes, the rank changed to 81.

Video Games

I am hoping to see this site in the top 50 if we get enough voters. But remember to vote everyday for this site here:

Top Blogs

Remember that while higher the rank is, more new people will visit this site and will know about this site and will help this blog to be bigger.


  • Club Penguin Today

Club Penguin Today will be the new name for the Club Penguin updates. This one goes with Mazachster and Reallyred53’s posts.

New Sports Catalog

Today, a new sports catalog came out. With the help of my new member penguin, I will give you pictures how the items look like in the penguin (there is new soccer outfits).newsportscatalog.png

Here is the cheats and secrets of the new catalog. There is not new items hidden in the catalog for now.


New Fishing Rod

If you haven’t noticed, the new fishing rod is here. With that fishing rod, you can catch the grey fish although the fish is very tricky so be careful. 😆

Here is a picture (click to enlarge):


New Pin

< This is part of Reallyred53’s post in TomY Central’s editor contest. His site is >

As I predicted yesterday, the pin is at the underground pool-



  • Crazy Igloos =P

I don’t have too much time for searching for crazy igloos. You can help me to find some new crazy igloos. Only write a comment with the link to the picture of the crazy igloo.

> This is SO FAR, the most pointless igloo I have seen in my whole life. A igloo in the map and you find out that is an empty igloo with a red puffle. Weirdo. =P



P.S: Tomorrow, I will be making a minicontest where I will give someone a chance to be in a video with Yellowguy and meh.


This is everything!



Vote for TomY’s Blog | New Newspaper | St. Patrick Day Sneak Peek | New Comic | Crazy Igloos =P | Editor Contest | New Episodes

  • Vote for TomY’s Blog

I have signed up the blog in to get more visitors and get to the goal of 100,000 hits faster. Here is the current rank of the blog:

Video Games

Currently, the blog rank is 123. Help me to get a higher rank.

Vote for this blog to be in a higher rank and get new visitors everyday. 🙂

Top Blogs

And there is an update in the blog goals. We will get a second editor contest when we get 200,000 hits.


  • New Newspaper

<This is part of Mazachster’s post for the editor contest. His site is >


This week’s Newspaper came out today!!! It is pretty neat!



The reconstruction of the Migrator is well on its way. Some pieces are still missing though, so penguins are still searching the sea floor for pieces.



Unfortunately, the new books are somewhat delayed. We will have to wait a little longer.




Hurray! The new lures are almost here! They should be in stores (Sport Shop) on February the 29th. (Tomorrow!)



This week’s featured room (s) is the Forest and the Cove! Go and explore the great outdoors, have fun, and discover what is out there!!! Also be sure to try out the game Catchin’ Waves at the Cove!




This week on “Ask Aunt Arctic” we learned where the friendship bracelet is.

Question: Dear Aunt Arctic, Where do I get the friendship bracelet? No one will tell me! -Friend Trend

Answer: Go into the Book Room and read the great book called: Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Once you have finished reading it, at the back of the book, you can get the bracelet for free!!!

There was also a question of feeding puffles, and why they sometimes don’t get very hungry. That was also explained by how much a penguin visits the island.




This week’s newspaper covered information about the Dojo. It is quite secret, hidden in the Mountains. There are two ways to get there. One by clicking on a spot in the Mountains on your map, and the other way is via the Spy HQ.




This week’s jokes and riddles were cool!




These were some really neat and well thought out poems!



As you can see, we have lots of stuff: New Sports Catalogue, New Pin, Ice Fishing Update, etc.



Here is a pretty cool comic!!!

Well, over all, it was a pretty good newspaper.



  • March Sneak Peek!


Billybob posted in his blog a new sneak peek of the St. Patrick Day, which looks that will be not a great party. Some people remembers the St. Patrick Day of last year, which had the same decorations for pet shop as in the sneak peek. This looks that will be not the big deal this month.

Here is a picture of the Pet Shop in St. Patrick Day (the picture is from my old website):


Anyways, there will be COOL updates in March 2008:

→ Two Awesome Parties (St. Patrick Day Party and April Fools Party)

→ A brand New Game! (two games in two months!)

→ A Sport Shop catalog update with a new Game Upgrade! (the new tackle thing for Ice Fishing)

→ A Scavenger Hunt! (Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt)

→ And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture and More!


  • New Comic

There is a new funny comic in the Fun Stuff page. It is about a Mancala who thinks that he is playing Chess when he was playing Mancala.


Soon, I will putting each one of the comics in a page and I will put score to each one of them.


  • Crazy Igloos =P

I have two new igloos for one of my favorite sections in the blog: The Crazy Igloos! Here, I have two igloos I found in Club Penguin.

→ How many puffles does this penguin have??? 😆


→ Just another version of the “Lots of TV’s”. The only difference is that every TV screen is blank. 🙂


Now, you can send me your crazy igloos. If you see a crazy igloo, send me the picture to


  • Editor Contest

The editor contest officially begins!. I added each one of the people who asked for being part of the contest and I like the comments of the people. The only bad thing is that 10 of the 13 people who wanted to join could be in the contest. I told that you give me the email which you activated your WordPress account.

Here is the people who could be in the contest:
> Harryhills12 (Georgieboy)
> Mazachster
> Gold Raider
> Linkin55
> Rapidy
> Reallyred53
> Imperial47
> Hellopayton
> Shivertoe2
> Kid Robot

This is how the contest will work:

Tom will choose a theme (Example: New Furniture Catalog) and the editors will have to make a post with pictures and information made by you. DO NOT COPY THE STYLE OF SOMEONE ELSE AND DO NOT USE PICTURES FROM OTHER WEBSITE. In elimination week, TomY and Yellowguy458 put a score to the post (1/10). There will be 2 eliminated people in the eliminations each week.

There will be 3 winners (2 editors, 1 author). So, good luck!. Here is the website where the contestants for next editor will have to post:

This week’s themes are: New Newspaper and New Furniture Catalog.

Elimination is on WEDNESDAY!


> Crop the picture when you copy and paste it in MS paint. If not, this will ruin the website and you will have low score.

> You have to do both posts from the two themes two days before of the elimination.

When the contest ends, the editors who couldn’t win will continue as co-editors of the site (the editor contest page will turn in the second “TomY Central” website for other editors). 😉

P.S: Today, the editor who makes the best “New Newspaper” post, the post will be used at the website, with a link to the author’s website. 🙂

Good Luck!



  • New Episodes!

There is two new episodes from Minerpenguin + Tom. The first one is without me (Yellowguy and Minerpenguin) and the second one is the first episode where appears “The Miners Band”.

Here is the videos:

Also, check out the first episode of Corvette 360’s new series.


Vote for Tom Yellow:

This is everything!


CP New Updates | Editor Contest | Kid Robot’s Tribute to TomY’s Cold Adventures

  • CP new Updates

Later of the ending of the underwater party (one of the best parties ever), there is new updates in Club Penguin.

> The pieces of the Migrator is already in the beach. I believe there will be more pieces to search soon.

> The anchor pin was moved in the cove.


  • Editor Contest

Tomorrow, the new editor contest in this site will begin. But this will be not an average editor contest. In this one, we will show the talents of the contestants.

There will be a special website where the contestants will post some theme in Club Penguin and the judges (TomY and Yellowguy) will rate the post.

The 3 last people in the contest will be permanent editors (2 editors, 1 author). Here is how to join to the contest. Write a comment in this post with the following stuff:

-Penguin Name

-Your Blog

-Email you activated your WordPress account

-Why do you want to be an editor

NOTE: Imperial47 and Reallyred53 are automatically part of the contest.


  • Kid Robot’s Tribute to TomY’s Cold Adventures

This is a cool video who Kid Robot made like a tribute to Tom’s Cold Adventures. “Kid Robot is bored and Yellowguy says that Aunt Arctic was here. Kid Robot doesn’t believe him and he reads the newspaper and he finds out that it was really Aunt Arctic (at the end, I “appear” in the video)”.

NOTE: The first episode of the second season will be filmed on this tuesday at Boots, UK at 2 PM (pst). Everyone who is interested to be in the first episode has to be at the Yellow Chat at that time.


I have made a new video with Mazachster. Squidzoid is back and he eats Yellowguy. Can Tom save the day and destroy Squidzoid?


This is everything!


New Catalog!

Hey Its Tux. Tom couldn’t post so I wanted to I’m still not going to post anymore. I might come back! Credit goes to Boopeh visit her site at Here we go!

Hey guys! Just here to tell you that there is a new furniture catalog and a new igloo catalog.

Here is what came out:
The new stuff in the catalog:

furniture-catalog-2.png Copyright from Boopeh

 The sea weed and the clam are old.

furniture-catalog-3.png Copyright from Boopeh

The pink plastic castle is old.

Here are the new stuff for the igloo catalog.

new-floors.png Copyright from Boopeh

Well, that’s all for the igloo catalog, lol, those are the only new items.

The other stuff in the catalog are still the same as the old one.

Copyright from Boopeh:            

Heres my Email email me for questions! DONT ADD ME TO AIM!

TomY is Busy =(

I’m sorry but I can’t post the new furniture catalog until tomorrow. I am really busy with the new ACP Forums. Some people will think that it is very easy but there will be too many cool stuff in it.

Also, I am updating the pages with new stuff. There will be new pages and the new editor contest coming from this sunday.

Continue going to this site or commenting, please. 😉


Nachos Note

To all ACP soldiers,

You might still be angry that we decided to aid our ally UMA in the Battle Monday. I don’t care. Be angry. You literally make us look better. Anyway, I suggest you guys listen to the song “Bulls On Parade” by Rage Against the Machine alot more, because we are Bulls on Parade, while you might be more of Metallica’s “One”.

As you can see, Bob22 actually thinks the Nachos have a chance. This is sad. Luckily the next day he got a little bit wiser. He is trying to pull the UMA into the conflict he started. Would a real friend do that? Anyway, here is what he said:

To the UMA,

Hi, it’s AkaBob22 here to tell you what you need to do to win this upcoming war that is bound to happen.

I know waiting isn’t generally your thing, but you need to wait. If you want us to help you, then wait. A very simple formula actually. Anyway, on to the plan.

 You need to wait for SSACP/ACP to declare war on you. When that happens, make sure you let them make all the battles and you attend them so you can defend your servers, while we go out and attack them. It will be the easiest war you’ve ever been to, since all you do is defend

Strange uh. No offense to all my friends that are Nachos but they are crazy espaicaily Aka22bob.

texas vs a

My Crazy Day

I’m Minerpenguin. I’m in ACP, RPF, and SSACP. In my mind, those are the most peaceful armies EVER. And UMA is the LEAST peaceful in my mind. I started my day interviewing Fort57. Fort is a soldier in ACP. He enjoys talking with other armies, and trying to STOP army leaders from manipulating their soldiers’ minds. I was going out to dinner, so I had to stop interviewing. I came back up and went on the comp for a sec. I saw a name I had NEVER seen before on Xat. I went on to the chat he was on (UMA) and asked him in private chat. It was my friend, (IM NOT SURE IF HE WANTS ME TO SAY IT) and he was spying. It turned out, UMA was planning a secret battle. They would go to an SSACP meeting and attack. I SAW the plan. The plan was to do this on February 22, 2008. I was AMAZED. I went out to dinner and went back on the computer. I changed my name to (IM NOT GONNA SAY BECAUSE I MIGHT NEED IT LATER) and I went to see if anyone was planning anything.  My friend was bannned from UMA for spying, and I knew I would be to if I got caught. But, they were’nt planning anything this time. I decided to just talk to Mazachster on private chat. I was trying to get him to declare war on UMA. The attack I saw on UMA’s xat was the last straw. I was through with them. And now, MY master plan begins. Yes, MINE. That little editor soldier has been planning for a while. And this plan is bullet-proof. Goodbye UMA. Forever.

Keep on minin’ (But, UMA, STOP MININ!!!)-

Minerpenguin A.K.A. Mininpenguin