Miner Mania- March 31st Edition

Rsnail Party?

Well, I met Rsnail on Test Server one yesterday and he told me that he would be making an appearence today on test server 3. He didn’t say a time, so just keep looking all day. He said that he will be in the dojo. If he doesn’t cum, then go to the iceburg. He said that if he can’t cum he would  tell somebody else in the crew to go their.

Stupid Stuff

My Grandpa is Spongebob and my best friend os Bugs Bunny.

I’m fighting with Bush (Cuz he think’s he is funny)

Me and Chuck Norris are getting our grillz,

And Homer Simpson is taking his pills.

Bob Marley is singing and dancing away,

And Minerpenguin is writing a stupid play.

They all came together to form an angry mob,

Hoping together they would do the job.

Then to the Pizza store they went,

Hoping Yellowguy believed the letter they sent.

They brought their guns and fired away.

And they finally got the peanut butter of the Pizza tray.

I’m A Spaz.

Im a spaz.

Miner Militia

I’m starting an army called Miner Militia. I will mak the site soon. We will only work when there is a big war going on. It doesn’t matter f u r a non-member, member, girl, boy, or a noob. I am excepting anybody who wants to join. But, they must answer yes to all of these questions.

1.) Do you enjoy CP?

2.) Do you want peace in CP, and the only warz to be fun warz?

3.) Are you against hacking?

4.) Are you a Goofy Goober?

5.) R U sick of these stupid, idiotic questions?

The ranks are:

4 Star General

3 Star General

2 Star General

1 Star General




If you want to join you will be either an officer, lieutenant, or private, depending on when you comment.

Keep on minin’-



Terrible Awful News | ACP Trading Cards?? | My name backwards :P | Sorry Tom

Terrible Awful News

I got my grades back, and they stink. They may seem ok for some of you but my mom will freak out. Here they are:

English: 68%

French: 68%

Geography: 62%  

Music: 85%    ~~   Im ok on this one.

I can get on the comp from 3:00 – 4:00 PM  EST for sure, I dont know about later on. We’ll see.

And by the way this is Maz not TomY.

  • ACP Trading Cards??

Yes it appears there will be ACP trading cards (again?, Im not sure if they already had them before)

I think they look cool, here is the one Fort made:


Pretty neat eh?

  • My name backwards 😛

Lol, my name backwards is retshcazaM. So you can call me Retsh or Cazam lol. 😛

  • Sorry Tom

I just want to apologize to Tom for not making posts lately, because I have been busy and stressing with SSACP matters and a pile of homework and my marks. 😦

But I will get on it as soon as possible I promise!!!

And thanks Tom for being patient! 😀

Btw, where is Minerpenguin been lately?

Thanks guys!


CPIP Testers are Puffles | First episode of TomY’s Cold Adventures Season Two | New OFFICIAL Team

  • CP Testers are Puffles

The april fools party really had surprises. One of them is that the test servers penguins are now green puffles. 😮


There is different tricks you can do with your “puffle”. Press D (Dance) to fly with a propellor cap.


To do those tricks, you must throw snowballs in one of these places.

puffleworld1.png <– CLICK TO ENLARGE!

That will be here until this Monday!


  • First episode of TomY’s Cold Adventures: Second Season!

The moment that all you guys were waiting. The first episode of the second season of TomY’s Cold Adventures.

It’s about Tom and Cooltiger finds out that there will be a rollercoaster called “The Intestine Smasher” coming to Club Penguin at 6 AM. They decide to stay up for the entire night.



  • New OFFICIAL Team

Here is the new OFFICIAL team of TomY Central and the new chat team (Yellowguy restarted the chat, so the only owner is Yellowguy).

Administrator = Tom Yellow, Yellowguy458

Editor = Mazachster, Mikepain911, Minerpenguin, Kid Robot

Author = Idontbreak, Mohd222, Reallyred53

Some of them doesn’t post, so begin to post or face the consequences! XD


  • CSS Editor

I know it, I know it, I sound a bit desperate but…

I need some credits to get the CSS (The CSS editor thing). If you can, leave a comment and I will put you as administrator. Then, buy a CSS editor.

The one who can do it will have a reward for helping me. 😉


This is EvErYtHiNg!

-MoT WoLlEy

Club Penguin April Fools 2008 + IDontbreak Editor!

Greetings Penguins ❗

The april fools Party launched and I can say It’s probably the Best party CP had so far.

They Released 3 New Items, 1 which Is my personal favorite since Ages!

The Red Propella Hat

Red Propella

Location: Ski Village
Rareness: 8/10
Good Looking: 9.5/10

Swirly Glasses

Swirly Glasses

Location: Cove
Rareness: 0/10
Good Looking: 8/10

The Crayon Pin


Location: Mine
Rareness: 0/10
Good Looking: 7/10

All the roms are decorated with a few of effects, My fav is the realistic Ice Berg:


Don’t forget that the Migrator is re-building:


I’d guess 91% is done =)

!CPIP News!


Go on CPIP; 4:00 am – 10:00 am and you will be one marvellus puffle!


For The last News: 2 Funneh Pics has been added 😆

KFC official


Kanye West

Kanye West

PS: I’m the New editor on this Superb Site, I will do what it takes to make this site the best of the best ❗

Visit http://idontbreak.com =D

Until Then….Waddle off!


This is a message to the newest editors of the site: Mohd 222, Mazachster, Reallyred53 and Aguair.

When are you gonna post? Do you even know that you are editors? I am gonna remove you from the team if you don’t tell anything. Mazachster and Reallyred53 will be not removed because they won the editors contest but the other ones have to post something.


It’s gonna be kewl surprises tonight. And Yellowguy will do his stupid stuff like always. 😆




This is everything…for now!

-Mot Wolley


Hi There!

The new newspaper (the April Fools Edition) was released today, and it’s really cool! Click all the pictures to enlarge them.


As you can see, the newspaper was wacky for April Fools.

April Fools Party

April Fools is a wacky time of year, when strangeness takes over the island. March 28th – April 2nd.

Save the Migrator Project


March Party Reviews


“Easter was awesome! I couldn’t believe where the final egg was hidden. What does this mean?”. At whoever asked that, IT MEANS NINJAS! Rsnail said so himself in the test servers.

“St Patricks Day! Go Green! Woooo!”

“I’m really looking forward to the April Fools Party…I can’t wait!”

Penguin of the Month


I love this. Before you start looking in the newspaper and saying ZOMG! IM TEH P3NGU1N OF TEH MONTH!! LOLZORZ!!!, let me tell you it puts your name into the space. Whoever looks at it will have their own penguin name in the space. It fooled me for a second or two, though!

In Focus: Secret Rooms

This weeks feature is all about the secret rooms in Club Penguin.

These rooms are the Dojo and the Iceberg, which aren’t labeled on your map.


At the iceberg, you can try and tip it, or you can play Aqua Grabber.

The Dojo is a great place for having snowball fights due to it’s sturdy walls (but how are you meant to get snowballs from a wooden floor?).

Also, if you become a secret agent, you can go to the Spy HeadQuarters, which can be accessed either by using your spy phone, or by a secret dressing room in the Sport Shop.

Ask G


Because it’s April Fools, they changed Aunt Arctic to Gary the Gadget Guy.

Q: How do you come up with all your gadgets?

A: Sometimes, when a penguin feels a need for something, they feel encouraged and try to fix it. For example, when the Migrator crashed, all the pieces were at the bottom of the sea. I came up with a gadget that solved the problem (Aqua Grabber).

Tips and Secrets: Puffle Play Along


Red Puffles will surf with you in Catchin’ Waves, and pink puffles are known to enjoy swimming and diving. Try bringing your puffle with you when you read the book My Puffle (at the book room) and see what happens!

Featured Joke

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Ketchup who?

Ketchup to you later.

Featured Riddle

Aunt Arctics Riddle

I already knew the answer to this, I won’t tell you, but I am sure that you can work it out from this sentence!





The comic is good, I would give it a 4/5. It kind of reminds me of that scene in the Office (English Version) Season 2, where Tim glues Gareths phone to the set. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I found a link, click here to watch it (it’s funny).

This weeks newspaper gets a 5/5, for being so zany!


See ya!

TomY’s Cold Adventures: Da Movie Theme Song | April Fool’s Party Sneak Peek | PREPARE FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

  • TomY’s Cold Adventures: Da Movie Theme Song 

Another (and bigger) sneak peek of the movie. But this goes better, it’s the famous theme song of the movie.

It is funnier than you think. The movie is coming in “April 1, 2008” because MEH AND TOM ARE FREAKIN’ CRAZEH AND WE WANT THAT EVERYONE WATCHES IT!!!1 😀


  • April Fools Party CRAZEH Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins!
It’s that time of year again in Club Penguin! April Fools is just around the corner and the team here has been working non-stop on a party that will be full of all kinds of April Fools silliness! Every year we celebrate April Fools in a different way and this year is no exception. When you show up in Club Penguin between March 28 and April 2 things will be a little strange. Even the newspaper will have a bit of a twist!

I was able to grab a sneak peek of one room from the party. We’ve never done anything like it before in Club Penguin and I’m really excited about it. We would love to hear what all of you think about it!

-Club Penguin Team
I believe the party is going to be really cool. I believe we can rearrange the parts of Club Penguin and put it and you will get the free item.
This is going to be a ROCKIN’ party! 😀 I hope.

Just to let you know, I already have the free membership. Thanks to everyone who gave some credits. Please, continue helping me to get 6 more points for me.
Also, this is a way to reward the people who helped to get the 100,000 hits. Thanks to everyone for choosing this site as your main site for the CP cheats. 🙂
I will do a free membership contest in a couple of days. 😉
This is everything!