Tom’s Cold Adventures: Da Movie

Behold, the best movie of all time: Tom’s Cold Adventures: Da Movie!

They were lots of months of work on this film and it is ready. This movie which acts more than 30 penguins in the entire film will feature comedy, drama and some funny scenes.

Here are the parts of the movie:

Part 1: The Intro

Part 2: Tom’s party and Yellowguy’s torture. 😛

Part 3: Yellowguy’s plan.

Part 4: Yellowguy’s transformation and Tom’s trip.

Part 5: Penguin Idol.

Part 6: …

Part 7: …

Part 8: …

Part 9: …

Part 10: …

Part 11: …

Part 12: …


Check out the movie! 😀



Da Medieval Party | Tom’s Cold Adventures: Medieval Edition

I am back! Later of my absency, I am back to make your life happy! 😀


  • Da Medieval Party

Today is the medieval party, which is now one of the best parties in Club Penguin for the good decorations. 🙂

Here are a pic from a few rooms from da party:


 Ye Olde Coffee Shop

 Knight Club

 Da “Lord of Pie” kingdom

 Ye Battle Snow Forts

 Ye Battle Field

 Da “Liar Stupid Black Castle”



The free item is the Squire Tonic at the dock.

That is everything from da party! Tom out.


  • Tom’s Cold Adventures Medieval Edition

Around the party, I am gonna premiere 3 new episodes of Tom’s Cold Adventures related with the medieval party. Some of them were originally made in normal CP but now will be made in the medieval Club Penguin.

Episode 19: Tom’s Revenge to Headofpolice

Episode 20: Lord of Pie and Potatoes

Episode 21: Weirdos and Dragons

And the movie is going excellent and by far, it can be the biggest movie of the history in Club Penguin even because it got already the 90 minutes when I put each one of the scenes together (i even need a few scenes).

Coming on May 23th.



By Each Leaf found, Another Dollar lost.

Club Penguin Chewy & Mohd’s 700k party

Hello everyone, well today chewy & mohd (Me) Had a great party!

It rocked! Here is a video!

For more info click here for my site!

Two more weeks until the movie comes! =D

Later of 3 long months, the moment of the premiere of the movie will come in only two weeks. This will be one of the biggest Club Penguin movies in Youtube (more than 80 minutes) and will feature comedy, drama (teh death of two characters around the movie) and some *cough* stuff never before seen on a CP movie.




This is everything!


Club Penguin May Clothing Catalog Cheats 2008

Hello everyone, Mohd here and im posting the club penguin clothing catalog for may 2008

The catalog is related to dragons, kings, queens & knights

To see the catalog click here , The new items are

  • Dragon costume
  • King’s crown
  • Royal robe
  • Queen’s crown (Rare)
  • Queen’s dress
  • Knight helmet
  • Knight armor
  • Tabards
  • Shields
  • Emerald hat
  • Emerald dress
  • Penguin’s work – Blacksmith

Click on the emerald hat to get the secret item

For the wig catalog click here

Theres a secret item, click on the spikester

Also check my new video!

Waddle on!

-Mohd 222

Newspaper – Issue #133

Click all pictures to enlarge them.

Boat Sweet Boat

Excited penguins have been discussing the opening of Rockhoppers Quarters. If you haven’t seen it – wow, you’re really in for a treat! It’s well worth the wait. Check out the new game Treasure Hunt, you can help Rockhopper sort through his chests of gold and jewels. You can earn lots of coins too!

The Captain’s Quarters will open if you have the right key. Rockhopper has hidden it on the island.

Advertisement: Wig Wearers Wanted

Rockhopper departs May 5th

Rockhopper is eager to take the Migrator out as soon as possible. He leaves May 5th and intends to return in June.

Writers Needed

Bird Bards at the Beach

The Stage will be bringing back one of it’s classic plays, ‘The Twelfth Fish’.

One of the great things about these older plays is that they can be performed anywhere. It can be alot of fun just taking your scripts, and your costumes, and heading outside to perform them.

When The Twelfth Fish re-premieres next week, find the place that best suits you and your friends to perform.

Kid Robot: I know alot of people didn’t understand the play, it was a reference to lots of Shakespeare quotes. Even the name is a reference the Shakespeares play, The Twelfth Night. I’m a fan of Shakespeare, so it’s been my favourite play so far.

In Focus: The Forest & Cove

The Forest is a great place for excersising. You could bring your puffle here for a walk, or work off some energy by having a snowball fight.

The Cove is a great place for swimmers. We spent all afternoon surfing.

Afterwards we warmed up by the campfire.

Ask Aunt Arctic

Q: I think this might be a silly question but who is this Rockhopper guy I keep hearing about?
A: Captain Rockhopper is Club Penguin’s expert treasure hunter and pirate penguin. He enjoys returning to Club Penguin every so often to party with us and share his treasure.

Q: I saw a penguin with a camera. Where did they get it? I’d love to have one!
A: The camera you saw was not an item bought in a store, but a prop in a play. Since the play ended in January it hasn’t been available, so we will all have to wait to see if Squidzoid, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal make another appearance for your chance to get one.

Tips and Secrets: Earning Coins

Featured Joke

Q: Why was the baby ant confused?
A: All his uncles were ants!

Featured Riddle

Q: What kind of dress can you own but never wear?
A: Your address.

Reviewed by You: Legend of the Golden Puffle


I’ve done a couple to get you started.

Complete it and you will get this nice little picture.


Fan Art


This weeks newspaper gets 3/5 penguins.