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Sorry I haven’t posted yet Tom, I’ve been at school and I have a party and camping this weekend, but I’ll start posting when I get back. Thanks.



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SHOCKING NEWS! Earthquake provocates chaos in town | New Furniture Catalog | New Pin | TomY forums!

  • Earthquake provocates chaos in town

There is a huge chaos due to a earthquake in Club Penguin. Currently, the town is in total chaos and even, a mancala table was destroyed.

The “pixeled floor” got cracked. 😛

Everything is in the floor and one of the only stuff who survived were the coffee shop couches.

R.I.P. Mancala Table: September 2005 – July 20, 2008

Most of the speakers in the night club are safe. Why the heck is the green puffle so happy?

Here, even the walls are cracked. Thanks gosh the minigames are safe. 🙂

We will see if the earthquake will continue. But possibly, everything was Herbert and Klutzy’s plan.


  • New Furniture Catalog

There is a new catalog which was released today. Here are the new items in the catalog.

There is lots of new items and lots of old items who are back. Here are the secrets of the catalog:

Click the surfboard towel to get the dragon inflatable. 😀

Click the seaweed to get the clam. 😀

Click the sunset painting to get the lava lamp. 😛


  • New Pin

There is a new pin on the pizza parlor. It’s a basketball pin.


  • TomY Forums!

I am making a new message board for all TomY Central fans and my friends. Here, we will have our own The Simpsons roleplay, a Pie Lovers forum, a Club Penguin forum and more!


This is everything!


Time to rise from the tombstone…

I know it. My blog is falling apart. 😦

But many people continues visiting it. And it’s time to start again as the old TomY, the great poster which everyone loves lol.

From tomorrow morning, Tom Yellow central will rise from the tombstone and will say “I’m ready!” 😀


Where is everyone?????????

For like the past 2, 3 days I went on chats and like no one was there. Yellowguy and Minerpenguin, I havn’t seen them in months. Where is everyone???



Club Penguin New Clothing Catalog | TomY’s Buddy List: June 2008

  • Club Penguin New Clothing Catalog

There is a new clothing catalog on Club Penguin with new and old items. Most of them are old items going back (like the aqua bikini, orange bikini, hawaiian shirt…) but anyway, the catalog is very good.

> Sarong – 400 coins

> Blue Flower Flipflops – 160 coins

> Pink Snorkel – 200 coins

> Pink Flippers – 200 coins

> Aviator Sunglasses – 200 coins

> Green Flippers – 150 coins

> Aqua Bikini – 300 coins

> Orange Bikini – 300 coins

> Pink Bikini – 300 coins

> Pink Flower Swimsuit – 300 coins

> Pink Swimsuit – 300 coins

> Green Shorts – 250 coins

> Red Shorts – 250 coins

> Blue Shorts – 250 coins

> Diver’s suit – 500 coins

> Hawaiian Suit – 250 coins

> Sport Lifejacket – 480 coins

> Lifeguard Shirt – ?


Here is the secrets of the catalog:


  • TomY’s Buddy List: June 2008

Later of 2 months, here is my buddy list. It’s really different than the other ones. Enjoy it!


This is everything!


New Newspaper | Player Card Update | New Tom’s Cold Adventures Episode

  • New Newspaper

There is a new newspaper on Club Penguin. It has stuff about the new water party and summer party. 😀

The flood who provocated that the cave and mine would be closed by the summer is coming back to do a new water party, which will come from June 13 to June 17.

In the “In focus” section, the tour guide is talking of the shopping and the style in Club Penguin.

A new play is coming next friday to the stage. It’s gonna be about a penguin going back in time to CP prehistory. 😛

Here is the upcoming events:

Here is the crossword answers:


  • Player Card Update

There will be a new player card update coming this month on Club Penguin. And there is pictures which shows how does the player card will look like:


There is a new episode of Tom’s Cold Adventures. It’s the medieval episode and second part of the Tom and Headofpolice videos:

The last 2 episodes of the second season will be aired during this weekend and next week. And there is a sneak peek of the summer edition of Tom’s Cold Adventures:


This is everything!