New TomY Forums opened!

The new forums have finally opened! The weirdness just begun in TomY Central! 😀

Here is the link:


-News about Tom’s Cold Adventures

-Simpsons roleplays (Simulators of episodes)

-Simpsons Characters Posting Ranks

-Principal Goodbeer school (You won’t learn the boring school stuff. Funnier stuff!)

-A Pie Lover forum

-A Club Penguin forum

Visit it now!

This is everything!



Music Jam 2008 and New Dj game!

There is a new party in CP: The Music Jam 2008! There is really cool rooms, these are some of the rooms:

 Believe it or not, this is the dojo. 😀
There is 2 free items and 6 member items available in the party.
-First, it’s the original Maracas, back from 2007. They are in the cove.
-Second, it is the new Music Jam T-Shirt. It is in the plaza.
-And third, there is 6 member only items located in the snow forts. Get the backstage pass to get to the backstage room in the dock.
Also, there is a new game in the night club. It’s called DJ3K (3k means 3000, so it means DJ 3000).
You have to add music effects in the music you put. You gain coins with putting music.
In a few hours, I will be posting the link to the new TomY Forums!

TomY Forums opening tomorrow!

Be prepared for the GRANDE opening of the TomY forums, which will mark a new level in TomY Central. That will come with the Music Jam 2008 party.

These will be the new features for the forums:

-Pie Lover Forum

-A Simpsons Roleplay

-CP Quiz Shows every week

-CP Forum

-Tom’s Cold Adventures forum

-And other stuff coming soon!

I will be hiring new stuff tomorrow in the new forums. 😀


Hey everybody!!

Hello, my name is reallyred53!!  I won the editor’s contest several months back.  I haven’t made any posts, because I lived in an abusive home, and wasn’t able to get on the computer.  I am adopted now, and my new parents love me, and I can get on the computer again!!  Before this whole situation ocurred, I was a fairly high rank in ACP, and owned an Army News website.  I just want to thank Yom Yellow for not removing me from the site, and I look forward to helping with the site. 




Is TomY gone?

It has appeared that TomY has disappeared again. I think that this time it might be for good. 😦

TomY has been spotted on ACP chat, but very little.

TomY was probably one of CP’s funnest and nicest penguins. With his ever-lasting sense of fun, TomY brought fun and relief to ACP, the army which he is in. I regret that I cannot say more than this. TomY, you were a friend to all, and if you really are leaving, then we will miss you.

I will try to keep this site running as long as I can.

Tom, (when/if you see this) if you really are leaving us, then please admin me so that I can get this site some new authors to keep it running. Thanks.

We’re coming close to 200,000 hits!! 😀 I will schedule a party for that event.