Army News

Ok, Sheila here with the army news:

Iw is throwing a Christmas party while UMA is aswell. The army tournament is going on. There is a era of peace around this week.

More news on Wednesday!



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Hey Pengiuns,

Ok TomYellowCentral 3.0 is now active and i have done most of the things:

New Theme

New Header

New Widgets

New Pages

But i didnt do something which i should of. . .

I want YOU to comment on this post when you read this and tell me what you want! For example:

”I want more pages to do with ClubPenguin”

So please comment


TomY Central 4.0

Hey Penguins,

Well i was looking at the site, and i was thinking:

” Hey! The pages look a bit boring and the site is a bit un-attractive”. So i made a poll and i would like you viewers to take it. All you got to do is select an option and press vote. Its less then 5 seconds!


Hey Penguins,

I have looked at your decisions, and i think i will now update the site. The site is now going to be bigger,better and easier to find out stuff 🙂



Hey Penguins,

I was thinking of having this site updated EVERY DAY. So here is the schedule for every week.


Monday: ClubPenguin Updates ( If there is any ) ( Headofpolice )

Tuesday: Miner News ( MinerPenguin )

Wednesday: Club Penguin Army New’s ( Sheila Gally )

Thursday: Newspaper ( Capuzzi )

Friday: Catalogue/Plays or whatever is on ( Headofpolice )

Saturday: Funny Pictures ( Meggis1234 )

Sunday: Club Penguin Army New’s ( Sheila Gally )




Coins For Change Update / New Sports Catalogue

Hello Penguins!

Here is the coins for change post ClubPenguin posted. Wow, I hope your saving your coins because kids need you right now. They need a good christmas aswell. Thank You 🙂

So many of you are so excited about Coins For Change coming back December 12 – 22, and the team is really thrilled about all of your feedback. We’ve heard from a lot of you about how important it is that we all work together to bring change in the world. I wanted to tell you about the causes that we’re going to be donating to this year:

*Kids who are sick
*Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
*Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war
coinspic.jpgRemember, a total of one million dollars will be donated to those causes, and with your coin donations, you’ll help to decide how to split the money. Every coin matters so even if you can only donate a little, you’re helping to bring big changes in the world.


Ok anyway, here is the sports catalogue and secrets!! :

EDIT: ERROR!! Photobucket is going too slow and i cant upload a thing! Im currently fixing this error


Also a happy thanksgiving from me and the TomYellowCentral Staff!


To Site viewers


Hi Capuzzi here. Sorry I didn’t post the newspaper yet. I will at approximently 6 pm central time. I had to spend the day with my family. I got a quick glance of it and for now I will use cheatgnome’s.



So the quest of the golden puffle is coming back. That is good because I missed that play.

Also expect for the christmas igloo contest to come back.


There was also a section of the newspaper interviewing sensei but it was pretty much stuff we already knew



So I promise I will post more pics. As always Happy Thanksgiving from the TomYellow Central Staff 🙂