Attic Update / TomYellowCentral Stuff!

Hey Penguins!

Well, just to say a few updates i and you many of you have noticed. . .

If you go into the Attic , you will find that there is ALOT of snow. Feel the chill as they say. 😀


Ok next, i went to the iceburg and i noticed something…



Ok, next is a poll. Just click an option and click vote. It is as simple as that. We need to know what you penguins think aswell.



Ok,  Now i think there is going to be a party on. Its going to be the following times

Date: 2nd January 09

Server: Icebox

Igloo: Headofpolice

Time: 4am ( PST )

Why: To Celebrate New Year and To Celebrate New TomYCentral!

If you have a problem with the times, comment on this post.




TomYCentral Improvement Project . . .99% COMPLETED

Hello Everyone!

Yes. . . Yesterday, we had a site. It was good. . . But then i thought of the name ” TomYellowCentral”. So i thought

Hey! Wait a minute! Its not even that yellow!

So i decided to buy an upgrade for this blog for one year. Now. . .


So, it will look nicer and it will be better for you to read. So, Im going to update the pages.

TomY’s things to do

1.) Make the writing on the left toolbar a darker colour ( pages )

2.) Go on ACP Chat 😛

3.) Do Number 2 haha 😛

4.) Make the header larger….u cant see the one we using now


Following onto TYCIP, we are going to reconstruct the WHOLE website. So its ours completely. Now, it will look rubbish for a few minutes probably hours, but when we are finished with it…haha i think we will stand out amonsgst the rest…

-Head & TomY


Whos the owner??

Ok guys,

TomY is going to own 50% of TomYCentral

Head is going to own 50% of TomYCentral



Head’s Colour – Blue/Dark Blue

TomY’s Colour –  Orange/Light Orange



Head – Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday

TomY– Friday, Saturday, Sunday,


Target for Both of Us:

500k hits


TYCIP ( TomYCentral Improvement Project

  1. Pages
  2. Header
  3. Widgets
  4. What YOU want as a page…

Please can you comment on this post and tell us. . . What kinda of stuff you want as a new page on the site.




Fireworks / Mission 10

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you know, i have a new computer which is service pack 3 ( Aka the best you can get ) so my computer is ultra fast now. In addition, i have paint which allows me to post news. So i will be posting news from now on. TomY i need to talk to you on chat to settle this thingy…. Yes viewers, you will know imediently what will happen to me and TomY. . .

Anyway here is the mission 10 walkthrough.

  1. Talk to G
  2. On the right hand side of G, Pick up the Blue Solar Panel in the box
  3. Go to the Town
  4. Go to the Gift Shop
  5. Look on the right and talk to Rookie
  6. Use the Solar Panel onto the end of the magnet
  7. Now Construct the Solar Panel so it looks like this:
  8. Go to the Beach and look left
  9. Talk to Agent
  10. Go into the Lighthouse and look left
  11. Grab Cream Soda Barrel
  12. Go back outside to agent
  13. Give Cream Soda Barrel to agent
  14. Click Help in the bottle.
  15. The Right Number is the largest measuring cup the middle is middle and the right number on the paper is the smallest on the right side
  16. Do the riddle
  17. Go to Dock
  18. Talk To Penguin with rope until you get the rope.
  19. Go to Town
  20. Go into NightClub
  21. Look Right until you see the trap
  22. Use Rope on the red wheel ontop of the box
  23. Click Red Lever
  24. Use Phone then Wrench on the box screws
  25. Click Box and it should look like this when its finished:
  26. Go to HQ
  27. When The Phone Rings Answer it
  28. Go to Dock
  29. Wow thats the best Herbert ever….not
  30. Go to Town
  31. Go to NightClub
  32. Click the lever
  33. Click the phone
  34. Turn all the lights onto the solar panel
  35. OR
  36. Grab The Agents Jet Pack and use it with the metal cage
  37. Keep Clicking

So, The Idiot .. i mean Rookie let him escape. I think him and Herbert is teaming. Little Brat… Anyway, SUNFLOWER SEEDS???? What could it be? Comment to see what you think!

Now, the fireworks! Ok here is what they look like:



That All…for now!

Happy Holidays!!!


Chaos at HQ!

Today is supposed to be the day of the mission. But it doesn’t come yet. And I believe the penguins at CP didn’t have a good reply. Just look:

hqpicz Click to Enlarge!

The friday was supposed to be the day that the fireworks would be added to the iceberg and mountain.

Today was supposed to be the day that the Xmas party ended.

Do you believe all this will be updated at the same day (possibly at noon) or will it come tomorrow?


Nominations are Open!

Nominations for this year’s Best Penguin of Year Awards are open. Follow the nomination rules, please.