White Puffle in Puffle Round-Up

I swear this is not an edit. Go and see it for yourself if you don’t believe me.


I am posting a new post this monday showing all the white puffle’s hideouts. 😉



Rockhopper is here!

Everyone’s favorite pirate is here. Sensei’s fortune cookies got it right (upcoming events got it right too xD).

>> First of all, a very funny bug in the Club Penguin database. The Migrator’s name changes more than 3 times a second, from Migrator to Migrateur. I guess it’s only a glitch or it’s a message from the CP staff. 😮

>> Yarr disappeared too! What the heck happened?

>> Apparently, the CP blog from a few days ago was right. Many “rare” items are back. And if you noticed it, there is a hidden item. Click the island with the cross in the wall map.

>> The Yarr mystery is solved, tbe puffle is with Rockhopper. So if you find Rockhopper, Yarr will be with him. If you look closely, you can see a white puffle behind a tree.


The new pin’s location is in the header! 🙂


New Comic

Extreme penyun did it again. 😮


Club Penguin Newspaper #176

This newspaper talks mainly about the new white puffles spotted.


-The Captain Rockhopper is coming back to the island on February 27, also known as tomorrow. And there is a few tips to find Rockhopper.


-In the second page, there is a page dedicated to the spotting of white puffles in the island. It seemed like a puffle lover saw one in the dojo, just as many of us did. NOTE: Kudos to the guys who made the puffle look cute. :3


-Looks like we are having oficially a festival of snow. And we’ll have to submit sculptures once again. For the people who lost in the first sculpture contest, this is your second chance.


-There is a new clothing catalog coming next week! Also, there is a (new) play coming soon and the St. Patrick Day party!


This is everything! 😀


Rockhopper is Coming!

rh1.jpgHello Penguins!

Our old friend Rockhopper’s been spotted in the telescope and he’ll be docking here soon! I’m sure he’ll bring surprises with him, so while he’s here be sure to check out the Captain’s Quarters in the Migrator for some rare items — and his Treasure Hunt game. Let us know what you love about Rockhopper!

In Other News: So many of you are talking about seeing white puffles around Club Penguin – I’d love to hear about what happened if you think you’ve seen one.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Rare items eh? Looks like Dr. Rocky is bringing back some old items.


New Coloring Page!

For all you guys that are bored and want to do something, there is a new coloring page you can print and paint. 😮


Rockhopper is coming soon!

Sensei’s “fortune” cookies got it right, Rockhopper is coming pretty soon. Here is a picture of The Migrator shown from the telescope in the beacon (Credit to Chewy’s blog)

Yellowguy: And some CP trivia, there is not any prize, only a small question. EXPLAIN HOW THE METEOR PUFFLE MYTH WAS CREATED. There is a real reason, and it’s *hint* in a secret agent mission *hint*