New Comic!

In a couple of words: puffles can work as a great source of energy.

And sorry for not being here for a while, I am prepared to post the newspaper and the festival of snow party! 😀



Advertise TomY Central!!!

There was a time when TomY Central got 10 comments per post, now this blog doesn’t even get 5 comments in a day. I was gone for 3 months, and many of the people who came to my blog everyday stopped going in here.

I need each one of you’s help to restore the blog to its good ol’ days. Advertise this blog in popular blogs and unpopular blogs, to announce the people who used to go in here that the blog is back to business.

Only add the link of this website to your comment, and you’re helping to this blog to grow again. 🙂


White Puffle in New Puffle catalog!

Later one week of searching mysteriously billions of white puffles, they are finally in the catalog. Along with the update in the catalog, the new species of puffles are ready to be adopted. But it’s for members only, I’m sorry for the nonmembers who wanted to buy them.


And the white puffle has been added to the postcard that you get when you adopt a puffle.


yellowguy needs lots of attention lolololololol 😛


News about the White Puffle

I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the people who don’t know. If you really want to know it, click the link below.

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