Club Penguin Now in Spanish!

First there was english, then portuguese then french, and now spanish! If you ask me I believe spanish and english should have been the first 2 languages on CP. Seeing as how they are the 2 most used languages in the world. So if you have had difficulties playing CP, nows your chance. This is also bound to bring A TON of new penguins waddling in to CP. So get ready to make tons of new friends. 😀 !

P.S Sorry for this site’s recent inactiveness, Both Head and Stev have been having a few computer problems. I was finally able to get mine fixed, so the cheats and glitches and hints etc. Will be on their way!



Soccer Pitch

Who Remembers the Soccer Pitch from the last Penguin Games? Well the Soccer Pitch that was originally for members only is back and accessible for non-members as well. Heres how to get there:

1. Open up the Club Penguin Map.
2. Click and go to the Soccer Pitch.

soccer pitch

Maybe this is a hint that another Penguin Games is on the way eh?


June/July Furniture Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin has released a new Better Igloos catalog. Here are the cheats for the new Better Igloos catalog.

television cheat

penguin knight sculpture cheat

wheelbarrow cheat

picket fence cheat


New Pin!

Their is a new pin on Club Penguin. Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin watermelon pin:

1. Open up the Club Penguin map.
2. Go to the Beach.
3. Go to the Light House.
4. Click on the watermelon pin.

watermelon pin cheat

Congratulations! You’ve found the new Club Penguin watermelon pin.

Pull and Let Go Toys! & Puffles!

Look at the new toys! Snow Trekker and a few others! For those of you penguins out there that have some history in CP, the Snow Trekker has been heard about for some time and you’ve probably heard about it.

snowtrekker and spaceship cp toys

There will also be “pull and let go” puffle toys. They have different personalities. So Pretty much they are CP puffles in a pull and let go form 😆

red and black series 2 puffle toys


Pin/ Scavenger Hunt/ New Books

Sorry I couldn’t upload the picture. But if you copy and paste it you can see. Also there is a scavenger hunt. Here are the cheats for it :

Click on the binoculars on the upper right screen to begin with.

For the first item, go to the underground pool and click on the fish.

For the next item, go to the Cove and click on the flower by the board.

For the next item, go to the Dock and click on the turtle close to the chat box.

For the next item, go to the Snow Forts and click on the flowers.

For the next item, go to the Ice Berg and click on the water sprinkle to get a whale.

For the next item, go to the Plaza and click on the flower on the upper right corner of the Pizza Parlor.

For the next item, go to the Beach and click on the water bubbles.

For the next item, go to the Forest and click on the big flower that’s in between the waterfall.

Once you have all items, Click “Claim Prize” and you should get a Adventure Party Background!

Also there is a new Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 3. Here is a sneak peek that Disney has given us

Again sorry for no pics, I gotta get my program fixed.




1.0 Newspaper

2.0 Bad News

1.0 Newspaper

Well, yet again here is the newspaper:

2.0 Bad News

Ok the bad news is, my internet is laggin reaallly bad and everything. Stev, i need you to post from now on, until its fixed.


Waddle On!