Phew, That Twas a Close One.

Well, since the Next Generation of ACP’s website got suspended last week, my account got suspended with it, along with the other 16 users on that website. Now everything is fine and we don’t have to listen to Miroo’s Spam.

Miroos: 😆 Sorry about the spam. I was desperate. Please keep me on this site. 😉

Head: Hey Rap, Listen do not add anyone else as admin, its a long story, but i do trust you. Dont add anyone else admin.


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  1. do u have email

  2. do u have email2

  3. Come to for awesome contests, cheast, updates and more!

  4. hey is advertising allowed?

  5. Please Publish- I lost my password.
    It’s been days, weeks, moths, maybe even a year since I last played Club Penguin. It’s sad, but true. Some of you older guys may remember me, back when Club Penguin had a spark. A spark of fun, and games, wars that didn’t mean hate, we had good times and bad. There was always that crazy guy who talked about the “ninjas” (and later ended up being right!); there was the general who controlled most of the servers (and wasn’t afraid to show it!), there was the comedian, who could make fun of situations real generals wouldn’t be able to, but somehow, back then, people could. There will always be those true penguins, the ones who stuck through during good and bad. The one’s who fought when we heard about “The Ghost of Pink,” laughed when TomY made a joke during hard times, stood for the armies they believed in. There were the alliances, and back-stabbings. There were hackings, and unnecessary bans. There were snowballs covering Mammoth’s Dojo. There was fun.
    I’d like to thank those guys who took time to listen to me rant about Pluto Penguins, the guys who watched me get that job as a war writer (and then ended up writing comedy), those guys who survived a strange season of “Tom Yellow + Minerpenguin,” those guys who helped fight the smaller armies who ended up being more of a threat then Oagl and everyone expected.
    I’d like to thank Rapidy, mazachster, yellowguy, Zehroy, Kid Robot, red, and the rest of the gang for actually talking to that new writer on TomY central. I know I disappointed you with my little Brett Favre “im-back-oh-wait-now-im-not” act.
    Yes, I was Tetroy. Why else would we not be able to be in the same room together??? I will always remember you guys, but when you like something so much, you become addicted. You start forgetting homework, and missing sports. You stop wanting to hang out with friends. It’s addicting. That’s why I quit. People always say, “Oh drugs are bad, drugs stink, but sometimes, drugs can be just as addictive as other things. Like blogging was to me.
    Now Club Penguin sites have new logos and backgrounds. New admins run the sites, and new hackers try to get in to them. New generals stop the new smaller armies, and some of the old smaller armies are the big guys now. Sometimes I had different opinions with generals. Maybe one of those generals will erase this message. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that somewhere, someday, someone read this and gets an idea. That’s the person I’m writing to. That person knows who they are.
    Any moment know, one of you readers will have an idea. The idea will start to turn into a light. And that light will become that spark. As my era dies, the era of Oaglthorp, the Pink Mafia, The Silver Surfers, CP trainers, Tom Yellow, nacho penguins, Ice Warriors, RPF, and Ninjas, a new era begins. Maybe this era will be better. Maybe they will make better choices and have fun.
    Do what penguins do best: waddle on.
    When your army loses a war, waddle on.
    When a general defies a permanent ban, waddle on.
    When your site is hacked, waddle on.
    Waddle on.
    Maybe you will need to throw a few snowballs.
    Waddle on.
    Maybe you will have a few laughs, and maybe even a few gasps.
    Waddle on.
    Just Waddle on.

    Remember me always, as that guy with the funny stories, and the crazy ideas. The waddler.

    For the last time ever,
    Keep on minin’






  6. Miner! You’re back!

  7. NO! MINER!

  8. Wow my old site don’t delete this site plz

  9. I also find this problem but it resolve..

  10. There is no problem if you read instructions properly..

  11. I am with you capital gold group,really their is no problem if you go with instruction….

  12. It’s been days, weeks, moths, maybe even a year since I last played Club Penguin.

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