Looking for Active Club Penguin News Poster!

Hey peoples! I’m looking for a super active CP news poster, to post pictures about updates and catalog secrets, the usual. If you’re interested leave us a comment!


4 Responses

  1. No can do

  2. I like the new features, even if it takes some time to care about my 10 puffles that way. I really like the new emotions, for example when I held a cookie over my black puffle and he jumped, trying to catch the cookie.

  3. I have an idea. Why not add every CP website to the blogroll so this place can be a CP crossroads of sorts? Maybe not every one, but big ones like CPUN, Nachos, RPF, etc. You definitely need to add the page that club penguin has about internet safety, those are good tips for anybody, CP fans or not.

  4. Thanks for sharing… it safe and a fun place for everyone to play, Club Penguin has moderators who watch over the game and also test new games, levels, maps, and features in the game.

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