New Management

Edit: All the pages on the site have been drafted, I am planning on deleting the widgets and drafting all the posts, then I will make a post on the future of  TMYC. – Administrator


Hello Readers,

Just a quick note to thank everyone who has loyally stuck by this website through thick and thin, it is such a sad shame to see a great blog go to waste, but alas TomY is not coming back so he entrusted the site to Head and I. This site will NOT be used for Club Penguin Cheats and Tips anymore, I will decide soon what I would like to be done with it.

In the meantime I would like to stress that this site is a very historically valuable to Club Penguin, therefore for security reasons no one will be added to the site without permission of Myself or another Administrator.

If anyone has ideas of what I can do with the site, please leave a comment.