I am real

Edit for Shab: I’m the real TomY

It’s me TomY


Yellowguy’s Superb Weekends: Part 1

Hae weirdos. I paid TomY like 400 bucks to have this section back,

Kudos to the guy who answers this correctly.

New CP Wallpaper hidden puffle

Look at the puffle above the pink puffle. No, it’s not a black puffle, he is at the igloo. And all the other puffles are in different places, so it has to be a new puffle.

And there is something pretty interesting in the new puffle catalog, if you click the flower in the green house (not greenhouse, green house)

New Paint by Letters book cheats

I didn’t expect for this to come today, but it’s here. Here is the cheats for the new book.

Page 1: Click the broom, then literally clean the sky and the mountains, then you’ll find the hidden coin. To find this cheat, you need to choose the word “CLEANEST”


Page 2: Click the container. Under the container, the second coin is hidden.
To find this cheat, you need to choose the word “THE SEA”


Page 3: Move the paint blob by everywhere, until it turns in the hidden coin.


Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Club Penguin Sports Catalog Cheats

Prepare your coins, the new sport items are released.

171th Club Penguin Newspaper!

Today, we got the 171st issue of the Club Penguin Times.