Club Penguin Cheats

These are the Club Penguin Cheats! For now on, Me or Cas will be updating this page if any more we find!! For now, Enjoy this page!

1. Get 1,000 coins in jetpack adventure

Play jetpack adventure in the beacon. Do not get any coin in the entire game. When you come to the finish of each level, lose your entire fuel, but falling successfully in the finish. If you get with no coins, you will win 1,000 coins!

2. Candy Pizza in Pizzatron 3000

Play Pizzatron 3000 in the pizza parlor. Click the lever where it appears a pizza and a candy. The lever will move to candy and you will play the entire game with candy ingredients!

3. Go to levels 10, 20 and 30 in Astro Barrier FASTLY!

Play Astro Barrier in the dance lounge. When you begin the game, press 1 in your keyboard and you will go to the level 10, press 2 and you will go to the level 20 and press 3 to go to the level 30.

4. Get an extra life in level 7 of Astro Barrier

In astro barrier, before of the level 7, something that says that if you shoot to the extra life thing, you will win an extra life. Literally, shoot that extra life thing and you will win an extra life!

5. Expert Levels in Astro Barrier!

On level 30, wait for 20 seconds until a Blue Ship appears! Shoot it and you will be on the Expert Levels!

6. Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing

Play Ice Fishing in the ski lodge. At the end of the game, leave one of your fish in your rod. Wait that the Big Fish come and eat the fish. You will win 50 extra coins for the fish.

7. Lots of money bags in the last level of Thin Ice

Play Thin Ice in the dance lounge. Go to the second upper ice block. Follow the labyrinth, because there is some false walls. When you go to the circle, it will have many bags as the levels you have completed.
8. Make the CP screen in Low Quality

While you play Club Penguin, press +/= in your keyboard. The CP screen will get completely pixeled.

9. Go ontop of the Ice Rink door without going to the Snow Forts

First, go to the Ice Rink. Click where i have indicated on the picture below. ( Keep clicking the spot. )

You should be atop of the door without going into the Snow Forts!

Note: This might take a few attemps to do it!

10. Standing on Penguins!

Ok all you got to do, is find a penguin, and click just below their feet!

11. Every single Newspaper!

Click this link:

If you havent seen it already, the end numbers is the date! All you got to do to see a newspaper is change the numbers!

The First 4 is the year. The next 2 is the month, and the last 2 is the day! Have Fun!

12. Fast Snowballs!

Press T ( Make sure your not typing this into the chat ) and click , and press T and click again! Keep doing this for fast snowballs!

13. Throwing the snowball at yourself!

Throw the snowball and then move to where you threw the snowball. You will see an invisible penguin throwing a snowball!

14. Fast Wave

Keep pressing W!

15. Sledding Hints!

Everytime you go over a log or something, move to the middle so you can easy sled!

16.  Whos in the room?

All you got to do is:

Open your buddy list, ( The Smile Face ), then click the middle button between your Friends and Ignore list!

17. Walking on Water!

Go to the Iceburg, then click on the Aqua Grabber. When it asks you to play, say no and click where i am on this picture:

18. Beacon Light ON/OFF

Just flip the switch onto the right of the light!

19. Walk under the Chat Bar!

Ok, go to a room. E.g.: Dancing Lounge

 Click the left side of the chat bar.

Your penguin will move there. Click the right bar and you should be walking under it!

20. Walk away from the game!

Go to any game, E.g.: Find Four

Once you entered a game, click your mail, then you can move away from the game!

21. Sitting Forward

Move your mouse to the bottom, and press S! You can do this with almost any direction!

22. Old News Glitch

Go to the boiler room and click “Old News”.

Click and hold the newspaper and drag it down. It will stand on its own! Do this with all newspaper and they will all be rised!

Note: To get rid of it, just move your mouse over to the newspaper and it will go back down again!

23. Puffle Glitch

Go to a wall or the side of the iceberg or something while walking with your puffle, and you will see that hes on the wall! or in the water!

24. Talking with Newspaper

Open your Newspaper

Go to the very right or the left of any room!

Click “We need you” and click “Question”

Press “Send” ( You do NOT need to type anything to Aunt Artic ).

Go back to the Front Page

Press TAB and  type away!

25. Tags in CP!

Go ANYWHERE in CP! Open the map. Move your mouse to a place. Click and hold the place to the X. Click the X and this is what you should see:

26. Freeze Dancing

Take everything off except for example a propeller hat. Hold D ( for dance ) and it should freeze! This can be done with any special dance!

27. Fast Joking aka spamming

Hold J on ClubPenguin. You will be talking very fast and spamming 🙂

Free Items!

Rainbow Bracelet – Go into the BookRoom and click the Library. Go to the back of the book of “Stow Away”

Rockhoppers Key – In the Library, At the end of the year book. Use this to get into his HeadQuarters when he arrives in ClubPenguin!

Secret Agent Cheats!

When you are 30 days old in ClubPenguin, Look at the top right corner. There should be a mod sign. Click it, then answer the questions with these answers:

 1.)  Pick one quality that you think a secret agent should have.




2) Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator.




3) What would you do if you a saw a penguin breaking the rules?




4) Which type of personal information should be reported?




5) Pick one reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.




6) Pick another reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.




Log out of CP. Then Log in again! You should see your spy phone!

©This is copyright from CP Central. DO NOT copy any of this page.©


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  9. WOAH!!! that was koolio!!!

    -spag 47

  10. 🙂 cool!
    Write down this cheat!
    How to find the ninja:
    1) Go to the club penguin homepage, where theres the big button play now.
    2) Look at the penguin at the top of the page, the one that changes clothes when you click it.
    3) Click on the N of the Night Club sign.
    4) The penguin will then turn into a ninja!

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  16. omg pingu pigloo i ttly found the ninja!!! he was stalking me, i couldnt escape, and it was scary!!!

    im scared!
    -spag 47

  17. Can u actually be a ninja?

    (wow that is fun)

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  22. Here’s a cheat that works
    Walk on Dojo Walls

    Make Zoom Level 700% ( NEEDED FOR CHEAT TO WORK! )
    Walk on White parts seen on P.C. (PERSONAL COMputer)
    Go up
    change zoom level back to 100%
    See that ur on walls!

  23. it is so sad i dint get santa hat

  24. change plls igloo

    1.u go in ur igloo
    2.u press ur friend list thingy(dont close)
    3.u press edit igloo
    4.go to one friend house
    5.and ur eding


    1.u go to any place
    2.u press the little space bar and press f11(do it a fuw times it will work)

    how to become a ninjay

    press the n on the night club

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  46. I know all of this. You just stole them from the awesome and almighty grateful Snow Dobby.

    Tom Yellow: Just to let you know, everyone knows these glitches. I don’t copy them from the “almighty grateful” Snow Dobby. 🙄

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    i was also in A.C.P.

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  86. I also figured out that if u stand close enough to the puck in the Ice Rink u actually stand under it!!!! KWEL

  87. i know how to b ninja…..go to dojo. get white belt then yellow belt and so on in card jitsu. once you are black belt, face the sensay and beat him the he will make you a ninja.

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  90. non of these cheats work lol

  91. i have a cheat to have a blank chat bubble in the chat bar u hold down the spacebar as much as u can then press send

  92. hey spaghetti47!i dont c no ninja and no penguin that changes its clothes!where will u c it?at the page where u see rockhoppers ship?????or the little screen?im confused!!!!!tell me!plz comment bac here!or anyone that knows how to show the ninja!plz?!!

  93. :-)wow!!

  94. i know how to b ninja…..go to dojo. get white belt then yellow belt and so on in card jitsu. once you are black belt, face the sensay and beat him the he will make you a ninja.
    I also figured out that if u stand close enough to the puck in the Ice Rink u actually stand under it!!!! KWEL
    club penguin dose rock venessa ann hudgens:-)

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  96. Hey Tom yellow
    I like some of your cheats. They are cool.
    Guys try this link on how to get free membership for club penguin

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  98. that is so cool u rock

  99. a better way for going on top of the ice rink door is click the middle on top of it and while your walking click your map or mail and stay it at the news, map, or mail for 5 seconds and youll be there!

  100. how do u take those pictures things u have on ur site

  101. Dont say mean stuff about clubpenguin cause it rocks and cheerleaders heres one of my cheers give me a b give me a u give me two ts Gives me a hole ha ha!
    i love cp some people said that disney was ruining cp but they arnt they are acutally helping cp to be a fun and a carefull place. Peace Jessie boo290

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