About Headofpolice

About Headofpolice

Hi,Im Headofpolice. I am 13 years old and live in the Uk. I created my penguin called ”Headofpolice”. I first was waddling around ClubPenguin where i first went on a server called ”Mammoth” I then seen 2 mysteriously looking penguins with green suits on saying something about ”ACP”. I went on google and researched ‘ ACP CP ‘ I seen Army of Club Penguin. I then joined it then i met my friend called Mazachster. He then created an army called SSACP and i joined it. I was then an editor and i then built up my career.

Where can I find Headofpolice?


briangriffin.png Brian Griffin RULES!


Personal Information

Name: Liam

Age: 14

Occupation: Student

Favorite shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy

Favorite Movies: Horror,Comedy,Action,Thriller


Ask Meh!


1. Is the ACP your first army?

Yes. I looked on www.google.com

2. How did you know about ACP?

I seen 2 penguins in ACP Uniform and they were saying something about ACP. So i researched it on google

3. What is your favorite color?

Dark Blue. I love dark colours and blue is just natural 🙂

4. How did you get the name “Headofpolice”?

Police is a cool job. I like how they do jobs. The Headof part is: Well i like being head of stuff like organisations,projects and stuff like that. . .

5. Why are you “Dark Blue”?

Because the water is blue and the snow is white.

6. Do you like being a nonmember?

2/3 of the time in ClubPenguin i have been a nonmember. When i first came to ClubPenguin i hated being a nonmeber because i couldnt get any items. But after a year i got alot of items 😀

7. What is your Runescape username?

It is. . . . Master Ice79

8. When did you first start Club Penguin?

I started in March 07, with my penguin ”Leigham”

9. Do you have the ninja outfit from Planet Cazmo?

I dont play Planet Cazmo

10. If there is a Club Penguin show, would you watch it?

Ummm. . Yeah i would

11. What is your favourite planet and favourite drink?

My favourite planet is Neptune because its blue and my favourite drink is pepsi max 🙂

12. What do u like to do on cp? what is ur fave game on the computer?

I like to catch waves :D, My favourite game on the computer is CounterStrike online 😀


If you would like to make a comment here asking me a question, i will put it on this post and answer it


Comments Welcome


34 Responses

  1. Hola!

    You are my buddy! And how did you get the name Tom Yellow?

    Stay Pappy!

    Papp 8)


  2. why are you “Yellow”? i want to know!



  3. What’s cookin’?

    I have a question for you TomY, do you like being a non-member?



  4. What’s Your Runescape User Name?



  5. When did you first start Club Penguin



  7. Tom, can i meet u on xat, cuz by accident i removed u from my friend’s list

  8. Hey TomY! Thanks for adding me on cp! Come check out my site!

  9. cool site.
    Visit my blog by either clicking my name or visiting (NOTHING)

  10. Cooooooooooooooooool Site

  11. Why am I asking This?

  12. Tom Yellow I saw you at the town on Mammoth in Club Penguin! I loved your movie but why didn’t you add me? I am so sad I could cry! 😦 😦 😦 😦

  13. Will you please add me?? I will do ANYTHING FOR YOU (on Club Penguin besides getting banned).
    PLease please please please please please please!!!


  15. I am so sad you removed me!!!! 😦

  16. Hello! I am sorry, I didn’t see you on my buddy list, you are still my friend. 🙂

  17. Hello, Tom Yellow! 🙂 Can you tell me how you got the hat on the A.C.P. uniform? P.S. please tell the leader to be my friend, Kirby9987 (I didn’t see him last time)?

  18. Hi, Tom Yellow! I just want to let you know to make a movie about your buddy list, O.K, bye

  19. Dear TomY,
    Are you fans with Heatblast227 or any other famous penguin?

  20. Hello, Tom Yellow. I’m so glad that you stayed my buddy, and now I’m on your movie! Thankyou so much, Tom Yellow! 🙂 P.S. I like your Igloo, and please advritize my site because I’m advritizing yours. My site is http://www.kirby9987.wordpress.com Thankyou!

  21. Yo!!

    I have 2 questions..
    1)Who is the main creator of Tom’s cold adventures?
    2)Do you muse the same actors or special guests

    Peace Out

    Tom Yellow:
    1. Me, Tom Yellow. Yellowguy helped a bit.
    2. Most of the episodes are made with special guests.

  22. Hi tom cool site

    Im on your april and march buddie videos 😉 🙂 😉 🙂


  23. tom how do u do it on boots because thats a non chat server? i know there was a cheat to do it but its been fixed thanks to the cp update

  24. Let miner write!

  25. UMM head i have a to ask u what is your fav planet and your fav drink??

  26. Wow you live in the U.K….I just live in NorthEastern Ohio in a 1 story house.

  27. :p

  28. what do u like to do on cp? what is ur fave game on the computer?

  29. i hate ACP they stole the members of green team(im vice boss)so we followed them and hunted em down, i heard about boomer 20 then i saw another boomer(boomer and a few numbers)it was so annoying when i found out that they were famous

  30. Do you ever wander around other cheat sites? If so, did you see Mimo’s yet?

  31. ________________________________________________________________________________


  32. GREAT SITE!!
    Try mine: http://cpcheater146.wordpress.com/


  34. ?????????????

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