About Rapidy

Howdy do, I’m Tommy. I’ve been around Club Penguin for a long time now. I started way back in early 2007 with a penguin named Bazooka Suit. But the game got boring for me, so I left and came back around August 2007 with a penguin named Rapidy. Then one day I found the ACP marching through Mammoth and became very much interested. I joined and later found myself becoming a General under Oagalthorp (Jan. 2008) Shortly after Oagalthorp retired, I was remaining a General under Fort57. Then when Fort57 retired, I became leader, as desired by Oagalthorp. I was only leader for 2 weeks before Democracy decided that Kg007 was leader, but hey, 2 weeks is better than nothing.  Then once Kg retired, and Boomer became leader, I was a Third in Command under him. But I haven’t always loved ACP, under Saint’s leadership, I started a revolution with Commando717 and Hattrick. It wasn’t successful, and I regret every moment of it. After being hated by ACP for the revolution I created, I joined Nachos and quickly rose through the ranks to become Third in Command. But now I am retired from Nachos, and now I spend my days sitting out on the beach while armies still wage war, with the occasional visit every now and then.


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