About TomY

This is the page about TomY.

TomYellow was the ACP co – leader , and the creater of this site. It is he who got the 200k hits. Please say your good-byes here as he disapeared one month ago. He left me this site and me and cas are rebuilding it. Anyway about TomY..

He was a big fan of Family Guy. I think his favourite charachter was Brian ( the dog ) because he always drew pictures of him.

TomY was a Student in real life. He owned a company called:  Yellow Productions ©
His Interests and Hobbies were: Playing Club Penguin, my blog and more stuff.
His favourite movies and shows: Camp Lazlo, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Futurama.


12 Responses

  1. I’m sad to see TomY go. I didn’t realise he quit, because I came to this site and I was like *gasp!* BLUE! Lol. But you guys have done a good job with it. Awesome.


  2. OMG TomY left awwwww nab this site wont be awesome without him 😦

  3. Yoyoyo, he’s still alive. I checked his Miniclip Penguin Forums account yesterday and he had a recent post. (from that day!)

  4. never knew tom yellow was gone i was fighting unoffcaly for acp when he was co leader

  5. I met him very recently on ACP chat and on CP.

  6. If tom Y had twitter we could at least all keep up with him.

  7. tomY left? u guys must be sad i feel like im going to kill someone ass holes!!

  8. ju ju? he’s a jerk a real big one!

  9. SHUT UP!!!!! ASS HOLE!!!!

  10. we all know u 2 r the same person. i tracked both of u.

  11. simpson rulz no matter wth happen to tomy

  12. LOL,I mean whos gone get lost IN this world man !
    Its easy !! Ist just that he doesnt want to BE blogging!

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