Game Upgrades

Welcome to the Upgrades page!

Here you will find all the upgrades in ClubPenguin.




Game: Surfin Waves

Upgrade: Flower Surfboard, Fire Surfboard and Silver Surfboard

Description: Makes you faster and better turning.

Objective: Do tricks on waves, and try to survive to the end.



Ski Hill/Mountain

Game: Sled Race

Upgrade: A sled

Description: Makes you go slightly faster

Objective: Get to the bottom before the other players and avoiding stumps and other obstacles.



Ski Lodge

Game: Gone Fishing

Upgrade: Fishing Rod with a light on it

Description: Makes silver fish appear and are more difficult to catch.

Objective: Get your line, get a fish and reel it back to the surface. Get as many fish as you can.




Game: Hydro Hopper

Upgrade: Wakeboard ( Flower and Arrow )

Description: Just a decoration, and replaces the life ring, and also doubles your points!

Objective: Jump over as many objects as you can.




6 Responses

  1. for the description of Hydro Hopper items, they double your points as well.

  2. How do you get the Silver Surfboard?

    Head: It was in the sports catalogue for several months. Unfortuntately it is no longer in there. You had to click the board to change it to the flower, then click the starfish!

  3. there are submarines in balistic bicuit 🙄

  4. are there new pins in the book room and i never know there were gry fish and why do the people that play cubpenguin need a membership

  5. Hey Head, you know Tails site? I read the commets in the Funny Pictures site and it said that some girl named Roxii Girl12 asked Tails if Im Tails Tails said Im impersonating him or something WHICH IM NOT!

  6. fuck off bitch mother fucker

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