How to master the ninja!

Hey Penguins!

Here is how you can master the Card Jitsu, and master the role of the ninja!


You have 3 types of cards.





Ice beats Water

Water beats Fire

Fire beats Ice


How to master Card Jitsu:

Card-Jitsu is basically luck. . .Thats what people say. But its also strategy. Now im beginning a battle with a penguin.:
Choose any type of card. Fire,Water or Ice. I reccomend going for the strongest one, which would be the number. So, highest number. Click it

Then its a completely guess what card your opponent picks. But i got lucky and he picked a fire card.

Same again, Pick the strongest card, BUT NOT THE ONE YOU WON WITH!!! Use a different type, so for me it would be fire or ice.

Oh it looks like he picked ice awell. Luckily he had a low card. The 9 – 1 sign in the middle, indicates that the lowest card you use NEXT ROUND will win.

When you use a special card which is 10, then that will happen. The Sign just CAME out of my card, its not the one from the last round.

Ok, as i won, i only need the fire card to win. Hopefully the opponent will of spotted that. He will use the card that BEATS the card i need. So do a reverse on it and pick the card that BEATS his card which would beat my card i need to win.

Oh, i was right. He used water to try and beat my fire. He spotted that i could win if i used fire. So now i beat him.

Then choose the card that either: ” gets 3 cards of the same symbol ( Fire,Water,Ice ) or do the fire and win aswell. So its a 50% chance of winning it the next round.

I cant show you a picture because the noob quit, because i was beating him that badly.











How to master the ninja!

When you press dance, you can go invisible.


Here is the legend of becoming a ninja. Im a blackbelt 🙂

When you beat Sensei, you can go into the secret ninja hideout which is located on the left side behind the huge stone tablet in the dojo courtyard.

In the catalogue there is:


Oh, this is what you look like:




If there are any questions, please post them in a comment and i will edit your comment and write my reply.




36 Responses

  1. Nice work, and I’m not sure if you knew this, or if you do it, but you can make your images clearer by saving as .PNG

  2. they say that this ninja stuff is real and i think it is kinda

  3. Pie?
    is that you?
    do you visit Tom Yellow Central is well!

  4. Pie?
    is that you?
    do you visit Tom Yellow Central is well!

  5. hi guys

  6. great site and fabulous page

  7. Hey! I’m not a noob! Your mean!

  8. do you have a list on how many wins it takes to get each belt?

  9. Hey! Is every thing in that ninja book 4 mems???



  12. Im a noob yes i admit it!Im been defeated by him for five times and i won only one time.I only want to battle 10saverkg because his famous 10saverkg,s number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!

  13. yeah thats right!

  14. Im famous remember it when u see mee add me cause im famous

  15. we are famous like hershey,mimo777,fever,bike boy and me

  16. I always go to beanie server!!!!

  17. if you see 10saverkg his famous!!!!

  18. see ya at the beanie server 10saverkg

  19. Ok see ya at the beanie server!

  20. Im sorry i call you a noob.

  21. not true about picking the same card. i pick the same card 2 times and then pick the different card and i always win! duh


  23. actually n00b ur not famous cause i never heard of you before and second those are actually good tips, although some luck is needed

  24. Hi my name is H20 Hannah I want to know how to be famouse and how old you have to be???

  25. Thanks for the tips! I am now a ninja with your help! 😉

  26. dude this is a girl and I rather play guitar here than stupid clubpeneguin guitar here rooooocks!!!!!

  27. Well actually Jcapp64 you never heard of me?Im the clubpenguin file developer

  28. actually to u 10savorkg. wat u said are lies u r not the file developer. u r a motherfu_kin lier

  29. I work for clubpenguin office from canada

  30. this does really work and i have just one thanks for the tips Alisha234 from clubpenguin

  31. plz can you buy a membership for me

  32. I know a secret to winning Card Jitsu games

  33. i tried to master it once but it did not work!

  34. You guys are truly noobs. MASTERICE/10saverkg/Kj are THE SAME PEOPLE. You can tell by the avatar. He just changed his name. Second, he DOES NOT WORK FOR CLUB PENGUIN. If he did, why would be be using bad grammar/punctuation/capitolization? “clubpenguin” should be “Club Penguin” and a whole bunch of other stuff. Next, the game is about messing with your opponent’s mind. Wear a white belt at first, even if you’re a green/orange/red etc. belt, so people will think you’re new. That way people will play against you more ’cause they think it’s an easy win. Follow the steps here or see what works best for you, and you’ll be a ninja in NO TIME. Oh yeah, I GOT A FRUITSTAND!

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