500 Swfs & Music

In Game:


Newspaper and Catalogs: (Dates must be changed to when the newspaper/catalog was released)

Games: (make sure to play the Rocketsnail games!)

Fall Fair Games: (all don’t load)

Rocket Snail Games (rsnails site):

Pin Locations:



Penguin Games Rooms:

Music Jam Rooms:

Fall Fair Rooms:

Mission swfs:

Mission 2:

Mission 3:

Mission 4:

Mission 5:

Mission 6:

Mission 7:

Mission 9:

Post Card Icons:

Music swf files: (make sure your speakers are on!)

Penguin Chat 3 Music:

Room Music:

Web Archive: (backup if cp changes the music swfs)

Room Music:

Game Music:

Igloo and Party Music:

Music Jam Music:

Stage Music:

Thanks to Ojoc for supplying this.


10 Responses

  1. Let miner vote!

  2. This is an awesome list! Well done. There are a few that are broken though.

  3. The basketball igloo?!!!

  4. You know, Ive been serching for CP music every where! Wow this is great!

  5. I have a list of my own to, you did good!!Anyways heres the list penguin5000sweb.wordpress.com/random-music

  6. where is the clubpenguinchat3 music

    wow where did you get these? they are awesome!
    visit my site http://wiifan710.wordpress.com

  8. #Iamthewalrus was here. LOL! That’s not me. I am talking about he a famous kid spammer and besides he WASN’T here :).

  9. Hello! The other post up there is fake. I think someone hacked ito my user and did that so that was all fake… but you DID do good on the page, lol!

  10. Can i please use these SWFS for my blog?

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